For Smartthings Staff: App development plan

I would think controlling color temperature via Scene would be quicker for a group of bulbs than this, and would certainly load quicker on the Home page. There is some time invested in setting this all up the way I’m suggesting, and it will vary by setup size. Yours being definitely above average in size.

I totally agree and have provided this feedback internally previously, as well as @prjct92eh2 comment about color.

In the scenario I’m describing Lighting Groups would encompass your Rooms, and no Rooms would be visible on Home screen (again just a suggestion).

I’d definitely love to hear how this works out for you, I’ve played around with various levels of this on my own Location.


Respectfully disagree on both those points. Since this post was about speed and he has pretty much entirely Zigbee IKEA Lights this will make a big difference. I wouldn’t have suggested this if he had a system of say, LIFX, or something.

I’ve passed this along (minus APIs because that really didn’t matter to me) before, I’ll follow up on it and add APIs to the list. Might already be on the roadmap and I’m just not already aware.

Overall, there is a ton of unrealized potential for Lighting Groups, no doubt or argument about that.


Any suggested reading on this? I have a pretty much entirely Z-Wave background and Zigbee still at times feels a bit foreign.

I use a lot of IEEE resources, but that’s because I am particularly interested in contrasting Zigbee with other protocols. They’re probably too theoretical for most people.

Zigbee Alliance has some good resources, in particular the following is aimed at developers which I think might match your perspective pretty well:

And the following is a really good textbook kind of approach, like if you were covering Zigbee in a college engineering course. It gives a high-level overview of the architecture and stuff like that.


I did this today before seeing this thread and my devices refresh instantly when opening the app. I am on a galaxy s20+ with Android 11.

I got rid of a bunch of old snartapps and device handlers. My devices used to sit there for a good 5-7 seconds before showing the current status.