Ver 1.7.07-25 Android

Gota be honest, was hopping for more after such a long wait, kinda making me nervous now, the current UI is not something that makes me want to use it and i am relatively experienced, a new user or normal user will look at it and just close it confused

The Ui seems to be stuck in its overall look that engineers like forgetting the normal users who barely know there own wifi password let alone how to use the app

Design should be taking many more ques from the old app, its overall feel, colouration and simplicity

if i was to some up the app in one word… cold

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Time is relative.

Of course, we don’t have a lot of other examples in this particular industry, but I think it is worthwhile to try to compare against the pace of competitors.

The Alexa App, for example, is now a touch “view & control” gateway too. And yet, the Alexa App continues to be confoundingly slow and very unintuitive. The List feature is infuriating.

How frequently does the Wink App get significant improvements? Iris? Vera? Home Assistant? Home Seer? … HomeKit?

More important than innovative and powerful UI, is stability, reliability, and … as this particular Community definitely expects - extensibility.

I deliberately stayed away from extensibility and actual device connection, that is back end

My concern is with Ui look and feel, in its current form it is not welcoming, interesting… tbh the list of what it is not is probably longer than the list of what it is

I had hopped that after a month of silence a splash of colour and an interesting informative Ui might have started to appear

It hasent… yet so i am concerned that what we see now will only get back end enhancements

It took the SmartThings Classic App 4 years for Landscape and Favorites to be added. I don’t expect to see any major enhancements in the SmartThings App without waiting many months; certainly not from month to month.