FOR SALE (UK) -- Harmony Ultimate HOME

Hello All

Quick one, im unfortunately moving home due to a break up and will have to sell all my wonderful gadgets & Gizmos before leaving to fund my future plans… real shame but its life i guess.

Soooo first of all, up for Grabs is my Mint condition

Black Harmony Ultimate Home
(Hub / Touch Screen Remote / Dock)

It all looks like new, works great and has no signs of wear and tear, all comes in original box with dock cables and even some extra IR cables i got to run 2 tvs in separate rooms with it.

At the time of buying (1 year ago maximum) i got it from the US as the HOME model (this one) was very hard to get hold of in the UK so i paid around £400 including import tax at the time, so very reluctant to see it go as has served me well and made my home that little more special…

As for price, im open to realistic offers, will also work out postage to you when we agree a price and this will need to be added, i live in Leeds, UK so account for that also, will ship by whatever your preferred method is.


These go for £159.99 in Currys? Would appreciate if you could confirm if it is the below item. Thanks

Hiya @darrenflanagan - No this it the Harmony Ultimate HOME (not available in the UK still as far as i know)

here is more info:

this version is far superior to the other and allows for control of smart home products also features for that aswell which arnt possible with normal harmony ultimate, as far as i know its there flagship model still.


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I’ve got the above and pretty sure it’s the same thing. Touch remote with colour screen, dock for charging, hub for connectivity and built in ir blaster with some extension leads. Can also integrate fully with smartthings and use the harmony app.

Yes correct i can control all smartthings stuff from harmony remote including read sensors to react to stuff etc from within harmony integration - was a long time coming to get it working right but works a charm…

Read online the difference between ultimate home and ultimate models :slight_smile: