Harmony hub... which one?!?!


(Karl Harris) #1

i want to integrate the harmony hub. basically to control tv etc but also PS4

the only thing is, i can see 2 versions of the hub

harmony hub £99.99 (does not mention console control)

harmony ultimate hub £79.99 (mentions console control)

i just want to know what the difference between hubs are and if anyone has one of these integrated with there ST

(Wayne) #2

Not 100% sure but from what I’ve read is that after a firmware update that there’s no longer a difference.

(Karl Harris) #3

cheaper one it is ha

(Tom Beech) #4

(Wayne) #5

I was about to post the very same link!

(Karl Harris) #6

Awesome thanks! this whole smart home venture is turning expensive. its sooo addictive haha

even have my eye on the amazon echo on ebay for £160

(Antony Pugh) #7

You want the ultimate (cheaper) it supports remotes. Bluetooth and smart app.

The more expensive does not have Bluetooth I think.

(John Crighton) #8

Echo will be in the UK this month, rumour has it.

(Karl Harris) #9

i have just ordered the ultimate. thanks for that @Behold81

@John_Crighton ohn i did see about the echo actually. isnt it next week or something? i will wait and see what happens. Although i would think it would be same price and maybe a software update?

either way im still gonna wait for next week

(Wayne) #10

Strong indication it’ll be on the 14th of this month.

(Andrew Taylor) #11

I’ve got the Ultimate. Works great!

(Karl Harris) #12

what sort of set up do you have?

(Andrew Taylor) #13

Virgin Media cable box
Sony Amp
HDMI switcher
Kodi android box
Loads of Philips hue lights
Plus other stuff I’m not really using the hub for.

I have 4 basic modes,

Watch TV (turns on LG, Amp, Virgin media)
Play PS4 (PS4 switch HDMI etc.) plus iPhone can be used as a remote in PS4 menu
Watch movie (switches HDMI to Kodi)
Pause TV - basically a scene that pauses the Virgin media box.

I’ve added the turn off TV routine to my night mode, so when I go to bed, my alarm turns on, lights turn off and if the TV is on, it all goes into standby mode.

(Karl Harris) #14

perfect. exactly the kind of thing im looking to do. even down to the virgin media


(Tom Beech) #15

don’t get the echo yet- there is a very strong rumour that they are launching it in the UK next week (14th)

(Andrew Taylor) #16

No worries, let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to integrating my Knocki (Kiclstarter project) so I can tap on the coffee table to turn everything on.
Stage 2 is also integrating either Siri or Alexa for voice commands. Just researching the posts on here now!

(Karl Harris) #17

now that sounds pretty epic lol. i just took a look at that Knocki. what a great little tool.

im researching alexa too. I got the apk and took a quick look on IFTTT and looks so easy to set up. I do with there was more when it comes to the ST hub and hue. i will have to look into it more.

at the moment im using pushbullet to automate tasker on a tablet in my hallway (only to turn screen on/off as iv plugged in and cant access the hardware button due to a tablet mount)

im thinking with tasker and hue pro plugin involved my house will get crazy when echo arrives


It is expensive and it never ends. As soon as I set something up I start looking for something else to add !
I love the Echo. Using voice to turn on / off everything is great.

Can’t wait for Christmas. It’s going to be “Alexa Turn On Christmas” to turn on all the inside / outside lights etc !

(Karl Harris) #19

quick question, can you save certain channels on virgin?

i ordered the echo last night and i wanted to know if i can say ‘alexa play MTV dance’

i imagine with harmony/IFTTT etc it can be done but thought i would ask