Flic Hub Wifi/Bluetooth/IR 40% off on launch day

Flic is releasing a new hub with Wifi/Bluetooth/IR that can control TVs/Fans/Blinds and a whole lot more. It says it would work with Smartthings and IFTTT, Wink, Harmony, Hue etc.

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Just to add a point of clarification: the only thing the new flic bridge does is give you a device that will live at home all the time so you don’t have to pair the flics to your phone or tablet. Otherwise the functionality is the same.

At our house, we already had a tablet on each side of the house that was used as a home automation control center, so we just pair our flics to that. :sunglasses:

edited to update…my bad, The new device is going to have an optional IR transmitter accessory, so it will be much more like a harmony hub. I was confused because they had previously announced a bridge device with the Wi-Fi component, and I didn’t realize that they’ve added more to this new announcement. Of course will have to see what they actually deliver since this is all a pre-development stage.

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So, this is like a Harmony Hub?

Interesting, but “Crowdfunding Soon”? So… a presale for a crowdfunding? No thanks. Never crowdfunding again, burned too often. I’ll wait till it releases.

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Yes, looks like they do want to make it work more like the harmony hub. That’s going to significantly complicate it beyond being just a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth bridge, which also means it will probably take longer to come to market.


Flic buttons have been available for almost 2 years now. I have several and like them. But they are Bluetooth devices that have to be paired to either a phone or a tablet. They have their own IFTTT channel, but the standalone button can’t get to that channel on its own, it has to use the app on your phone. That works fine for people who live alone, but if one person has the flics paired to their phone and then that person leaves, no one else can use the buttons until they return.

So the flic bridge is intended to always be available at the house so that the buttons have something to use to get to Wi-Fi. So the bridge itself is just an add-on as far as Wi-Fi goes. The main functionality is the button. But the IR stuff would be new, and looks like it would work more like the way harmony does, although maybe more like global cache, it’s not quite clear yet.

I agree with you on the crowdfunding. I did back the original button campaign because I wanted to make a statement about that particular form factor. But by the time I got the buttons, they had already been available for sale on Amazon for about a week, and the ones from Amazon were an updated version that worked better. So I will definitely wait on the bridge until it’s released and available for sale from Amazon. :sunglasses:


I get it now. A button that connects to IFTTT that you can create recipes for. The other page about the bridge really had no information. Thanks for clearing it up.

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This is not completely accurate. They are adding functionality to the hub as well. For example they are planning on an IR accessory for the hub so you can control IR based devices. They say the battery life of the buttons will be longer with the hub also. I guess because it doesn’t have to keep seeking out a device to connect to. It has the connection and it’s pretty much done. My understanding is they plan on adding other capabilities to the hub also but it is still in the planning stage. That’s why it is interesting to get in early and help then add what you want.

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Good catch, the IR feature is definitely new. :sunglasses: I’ve corrected my post above.

Unfortunately, adding the IR functionality will probably mean that it takes longer to come to market, that’s much more complex than just a Wi-Fi bridge.

@JDRoberts sorry to keep calling you out but it will NOT come with an IR transmitter they are saying it will have an IR accessory. If you are not in on the early ambassador program I would recommend you let others who are explain the device. We were invited to the program to share the design of the hub and help get the word out. I think their use of the term accessory means the IR component is an option but I will clarify that with them. I also don’t know if it will be like the harmony. I have the harmony and find I can’t really control individual IR devices because it was really designed to control an entertainment system. For example I can’t really control my AC units with the harmony in an easy fashion. Here are tricks but I don’t try them due to complexity. I am hoping the flic hub will let you control IR devices independently.

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That’s OK, the details matter on this stuff. I’m always happy to hear of additional engineering specs. :sunglasses: I think you and I meant the same thing, I just worded it a little differently. (I am part of one of their early look groups, which is one reason I got confused, as initially the device they were working on was just going to be a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi bridge. And it wasn’t going to be crowdfunded, it was just another development project, much like the new switchmate bridge. But now it looks like they’re opening up possibilities through this crowdfunding campaign.)

Your point about IR granularity is also very important. It may end up working more like global cache, which would be good as long as it’s easy to use. i Don’t think there’s any real way to tell as yet.

OK cool. Yea I just asked on the group if the device is planned soon or just getting started. I too was under the impression it was a product very close to release. Now they seem to be crowd funding it. Crowd funding typically implied to me that the device is far from being a real product but for some reason I still think they have the product ready and are just trying to jump start the sales. Hopefully they can clarify. Glad to hear you are involved on the early look group also. You might have seen my post then :slight_smile:

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Isn’t that what this thread is already about?

Edit: oh I see, you wanted people to click on your referral link instead of the OP’s, not to add to the discussion. :rolling_eyes:


It looks like it’s 50 percent now.