Flic : Wireless Smart Button

Sorry if this has already been posted but… Have you guys seen “Flic”?
It’s on indiegogo right now and according to their description it will integrate with SmartThings from the start!

It is a little button that you can set up to control the different smartthing devices you have set up (for example it can turn on a light, set off the alarm, start playing music, etc…). I would also assume we’d be able to setup “hello home” actions with this as well (i.e.: leave on next to the bed and click it to go into “sleep” mode or “home” mode when you wake up)

I’ve seen a lot of people around the forums asking for something like this, and this is super cheap (compared to what we’ve all spent on other devices).
Here’s the link to it : http://igg.me/at/flic/x/8923236

I ordered 6, looks like it could help me out quite a bit!
The campaign ends on Friday and shipping is scheduled to begin in April.

Yup … I’ve definitely seen it (and various other projects for buttons or remotes of various complexities). The simplicity of Flic is attractive.

However; I take IndieGoGo “expected shipping dates” to have nearly 0% reliability, especially for technology campaigns (I think the statistic is over 80% fail, but I may misremember). If the gadget is good, then it is even more likely to take extra time to “get done right” and ramp up quality manufacturing. At that point there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase without risking money far in advance.

The various campaigns I’ve participated in have never delivered in under 1 year … and some are approaching 2 years and look like either scams or failures (ummm… WigWag, anyone?).


I got 12 of them :smile:

Hardware is difficult. I wasn’t around for our Kickstarter days though I was a backer.

I still hear (horror) stories of resoldering female Micro USB ports by hand for a first batch of hubs in the middle of a busy shared warehouse space.

Best of luck to Flic. I look forward to buying their product.

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It looks like these are tied to your phone via Bluetooth and then the app will handle integration from there?

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Yes… But with Bluetooth in Hub v2, the integration options should be better.

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as anyone used these yet?
I see they are open for general sales as of 10/31

Still waiting for mine… I was a pretty early backer but haven’t received a shipping date yet. I’ll post on here when I get them and try them out.

The latest communication from them (9/16) said that they were starting to ship, so I guess it should be soon.

Still waiting for mine as well. The website order status shows as “Shipped” with no other information.
That might mean it’s on it’s way to me in the next week or so… or it might mean they optimistically think to get it to me -sometime this year.

Well, I stand corrected!
My two Flic’s arrived yesterday. I ordered just one white and one black.

I’ve got them connected to the Android app (had to turn bluetooth off and back on again to get them to register), but so far they seem to work.

I have no idea what to use them for yet… but I’m sure there’s an absolutely critical place I need a button - right?

I had almost forgot about supporting this product last year. My four Flics arrived and happy to report everything is smooth. Unlike some IoT products, Flic has a great intuitive and highly functional mobile app. Everything sets up in seconds and works every time. Looks like this company is going to do well.

SmartThings isn’t integrated but can be via IFTTT and it works well for lights and phrases (virtual switch). Flic is integrated with Harmony. So unlike some others, with Flic you can toggle Harmony actions (no use of SmartThings). So you can turn on/off music from a kitchen mounted Flic. Easy toggling so you only lose one button assignment for both on/off etc.

Looks like a classy product so far. I hope other IoT companies learn from Flic’s high quality example of putting the user first!

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I’m still waiting on mine, but expecting them soon. I’ve been very impressed all along with the engineering reports from this company: they set very high standards for themselves, but realistic ones at least in terms of production. I know they’ve missed a number of timelines, but that happens. “Hardware is hard.” :sunglasses:

Ive got mine in so lets figure something out

I still haven’t gotten mine yet :frowning: For those that have, there’s no ST integration yet? I thought ST was one of the integrations they announced early on? Was there no follow through on that?

Can’t integrate directly without Bluetooth. ST put a Bluetooth radio in hub v2, but didn’t turn it on yet.

But both have IFTTT channels (if you’re in the U.S., anyway).

Right, I wasn’t expecting direct Bluetooth integration, but maybe a device type paired with their app. Looks like that will be up to us :smile:


Still waiting on mine. They’ve been saying any week now for that past two months… Hopefully they link up easily.

Just FYI, Flic worked great for a week and then my phone updated to Android Marshmallow and Flics could no longer connect. They say there’s a fix (Android) on the way.


FYI, you can “double” the capacity of your flic with Smartthings by doing the following:

  1. Create a Simulated Switch in SmartThings and Publish it to Me - will now available in My Device Types
  2. In My Device Types, edit the code for the new Simulated Switch.
    replace the on() section as follows:
    def on() {
    def deviceDisplayName = device.displayName
    def switchattr = device.currentValue(“switch”)
    log.debug "$deviceDisplayName is currently $switchattr"
    if ( switchattr == “on” ) {
    sendEvent(name: “switch”, value: “off”)
    } else {
    sendEvent(name: “switch”, value: “on”)
    def newswitchattr = device.currentValue(“switch”)
    log.debug “$deviceDisplayName is now $newswitchattr”
  3. Make sure standardTile within metadata/tiles is as follows:
    standardTile(“switch”, “device.switch”, width: 2, height: 2, canChangeIcon: true) {
    state “off”, label: “OFF”, action: “switch.on”, icon: “st.switches.switch.off”, backgroundColor: "#ffffff"
    state “on”, label: “ON”, action: “switch.off”, icon: “st.switches.switch.on”, backgroundColor: “#79b821
  4. Create a new device in My Devices with the Type assigned to the modified Simulated Switch. Give it any Name and Label you desire, and make up a random Device Network Id
  5. Make the New Switch Name available as a Switch to IFTTT in your SmartThings SmartApps.
  6. In IFTTT, create a new recipe that makes your flic click (if you click a flic) “on” (then switch on) the new device/switch you have created.
  7. In Smartthings, make the new device/switch turn on (and off as well) a light or set of lights using the “Smart Lighting” smartapp.

Click your flic once, and it will turn the light(s) on, Click again, and light(s) go off!


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