Flic - Wireless Smart Button

Looks interesting. Overcome the issues with secondary controllers by having it interact with the phone, instead of the ST hub?

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I suspect it should work with hub2 directly.

How so? Where are hub2 specs?

2.0 is supposed to have BT integrated.

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Great find! I like… No I love it!

I will be buying a boatload of these once they’re integrated with ST.
I have a bunch of lamps that are not controlled by switches. These are perfect.
I could see an “Every Light On/Off” button on my night stand.
I could see one by the front door - an I’m home - I’m leaving button that worked better than geofencing.
Lots of ideas.

Yea, but what’s the range on low power bluetooth? Doesn’t seem feasible to have these all in range of the hub. Would have to have your phone in your pocket.

However, if someone could make a zwave version of this… Same principle, only on when being pressed.

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Yeah, bluetooth range is a consideration. I would have to get a good placement for my hub. The 2nd Gen hub should use wifi, so placement becomes a bit more flexible.

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Ah. Yea, wifi would be nice. Right now I just have an airport express that extends my network and sits next to my hub, so I can plug right into it. But the flexibility would be good.

Huh? Since when?

@Ben pretty much rules out WiFi here:

There is subsequent discussion in the thread about using USB adaptors, but certainly nothing definitive.

You can do this today with this 3 button ZigBee switch http://smartenit.com/product/zbws3b/ and the SmartThings hub.

Are you using this 3 button switch? Are you able to control the 3 buttons with the smart things app?

Yes and Yes several people are.

Can you elaborate on this. Custom device type? Custom app? etc. Thanks

Here is a thread where I helped a couple other guys. Wireless, Battery Operated Wall Switch I wrote a custom device type for the switch and you guys are very welcome to use it. Look in the thread and you should see the code. You can cut and paste that into your IDE and assign it to your 3 button switches.

Just as an FYI this switch can also do a direct bind to an on/off ZigBee device. You can use this to have it directly control a light or wall plug (must be a ZigBee device to do a direct bind) Take a look at the instruction on how to setup a device bind that came with the switch. The cool thing about a direct bind is when you push the button the command goes directly to the bound device. The SmartThings hub is not required for the command to be successful.

I agree!

I supported the project. Looks super cool! IFTTT support so we can control any Virtual button and quite literally
do anything we want from there. Love it!

I decided to back this in hopes of a ST integration - either directly or via other channels. Bought a 6-pack.

I bought two of these. Didn’t want too fully commit, but I think it looks promising.

I really hope this is as cool as this video makes it look: