Flic Back to School Sale 2016 (4 for $79.99)

Not sure what the expiration is on this one. It was good today, the 17th.

Flics are not directly compatible with smart things, but they have their own IFTTT channel and they also have a harmony integration. They have a quality rubbery feel and are about the size of a quarter but thicker . I really like the form factor and we use a bunch of them. They have adhesive so they can be stuck to pretty much anything. I would be a little concerned if you have small children in the house, as I think the kids are likely to put these in their mouths.

The flic is a Bluetooth device that has to be paired to an Internet connected tablet or phone. We have a home automation control center tablet on each side of the house and we paired to those which works fine.

You can pair them to your phone, but then they will only work when your phone is within range. So if you live by yourself, no problem. But if there are two people in the house, it gets tricky if you’re only using phones.

Use promo code SCHOOLFLIC at checkout for 20% off. Flic says anyone can use the code, not just students. :sunglasses:

The four pack is regularly $99.99. You can get four different colors or two black and two white.

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Love my Flics. Thankfully I have an old iPhone that is in a dock in the kitchen that we use to control the Sonos, so I have an always-on device to connect to. I wish they would (or maybe could, don’t know if the API supports it) build an AppleTV app since those devices are always available.