Flashing Cree lights - no reason

All I have had on the support ticket is a request for more info., then NADA.

Suggest everyone submit a ticket.

I’m having the same issue too. I’m just gonna replace mine, they are in areas where people sleep and it’s causing issues. Phillips hue white are $10 on amazon right now in a 4 pack. This isn’t worth the headache but I’m ticked at samsung for not addressing this by now.

Agree - will say mine have been measurably less, but I had one flash and go completely off today.

I only have 3 and 1 has been fine (it’s in the bedroom) so kinda’ lucky.

Having the same issue with 4 Cree bulbs from H-Depot. This started shortly after I enabled OTA updates via the Samsung portal. I see now that it wasn’t that. I appreciate you adding this thread, it’s starting to get really annoying.

I have the same problem with my cree bulbs. They randomly flash 100% bright for a few tenths of a second several times per day. Only my Cree bulbs are doing this since the October firmware updates. Very frustrating. As a bedroom light they wake me up all hours of the night. Going to have to give up on the brand…

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At some point, mine “fixed themselves”. I also had one that started showing offline, yet still worked, after removing then replacing it works OK.

Still having that problem here too. No firmware update yet right?

They responded back, Cree that is, and replaced all my bulbs for free. Just finished replacing them all and will have to see if this is fixed over the next couple days.

spoke too soon… they are still flashing with the bulbs that were replaced…

I turned off the automatic firmware updates and I am having no issues with the replacement bulbs.

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I am having the same issue, for the past week all of my lights have been randomly flashing to 100% just about every hour, I have 14 of these cree lights throughout my house and its starting to really irritate me… oddly enough it started happening after the most recent smart things update…

it’s never been fixed. Cree even sent new bulbs to me and it’s still happening. just get rid of them, ask for a refund.

That sucks, I have way to much equipment to try to start replacing , is There a specific patch or update that started causing the problem? I highly doubt cree is going to replace my investment…

I had 15, they offered to repay me if I produced receipts… 2 years after purchase from home depot.

This had fixed itself for me and then about a week or two ago, my Cree bulbs began flashing again. This is getting ridiculous.

Cree bulbs are flashing at random times but more often than ever… Any way to fix this problem or should I just use them for target practice?

These random flashes on my Cree bulbs, is there no fix being worked on?

I’ve had this same problem since i 1st started using them back in early 2018. For most of 2019 they slowed way down, maybe a cpl times a week one would flash here and there. Here we are more than a year later and all 15 of my cree bulbs still flash randomly now more than ever. Often several times a day/night. I became curious so I removed one from my hub and factory defaulted it with the on off on off for 2 sec, wait for blink etc. and just used it as an ordinary bulb. Still flashes even when standalone, so now I’m not so sure its a ST issue. Anyone else tried this and/or is now more frequently flashing? Still no word of a fix I assume. Sorry to revive such an old post.

I have (10) Cree bulbs and none of them has ever ‘flashed’. They are the only smart bulbs I have in the house and they are all in lamps. Everything else is smart switches/outlets . No clue why the different outcomes experienced by those in this thread versus mine.