First piston. Don't understand how to get it to start executing

Do I have to export the final code out to smartthings IDE somehow? What’s my next step after this?

I saw your previous post here. You want the webCore forum. Core is different than webCore. Basically, webCore is an updated version of core, which is used the most.

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Nothing to do, your piston is working. The green bar is showing your trigger is true (temp is above 83). The blue bar shows the current action ( thermostat set to 78)

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Then why isn’t it updating the thermostat setpoint?

So basically you want the AC to turn on after a certain temp is reached and not to come on if a certain temp is not reached…

My logic would be:

If temp raises above 84
Then using AC
Set to 80

If temp drops below 80
Then using AC
Set to 84

I think you are just wanting the house to cool off only if it gets too hot?..