Trouble with a webcore piston

Anyone have a tip as to why the attached piston are nt working?
It worked before adding location lines…

Point beeing that it should do different temps to different times as long as ST is in home mode, as soon as i hit away it should drop the temp…

don’t know exactly, suspect your last IfThenElse is too specific.

Just make the Away condition, its own IF block, not in ELSE.

Your subscriptions look ok.

Tried now, don’t work :confused:
I have to add that i’m quite noob to webcore :slight_smile:

trace it. It’s a button at the bottom? to show you which lines are executing.

Also check the entire list of state variables to the right, to check your operating conditions.

Thanks for Your help :slight_smile:
Found the error :confused: the heater can’t go lower than 16 deg. C :stuck_out_tongue:
So, working now :slight_smile: