Piston is not running

I am having trouble getting my piston to run properly. I want to run my thermostat fan if there has been no heating/cooling in the last 2 hours. And I want the fan to stop after 30 minutes. I could not get the piston to run automatically. But if I do run it manually it cycles forever with the fan turning off after 30 minutes but then immediately turning on.

I’m far from a WebCoRE expert, but can hopefully help with two things.

  1. You appear to have shared the snapshot of your piston that could include some personally identifiable data. Notice the red bars on top and bottom that say “DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE”? The green snapshot button allows you to share your piston but anonymizes certain details.

  2. There’s a separate forum for WebCoRE now, so your best bet to get piston help is to go there.