First Alert ZCOMBO was triggered and continue to send sms every hour

Added a First Alert ZCOMBO (zw:S type:A100 mfr:0138 prod:0001 model:0002 ver:0.05 zwv:3.52 lib:06 cc:20,80,70,85,71,72,86) to ST. It was triggered and I recieved SMS, worked great. Problem I am still receiving notifications every hour, 24 times a day. Doesnt seem it would stop sending these notifications ever.
Tried removing Zcombo from ST / Tried hard reset, deleted and re-added to ST. Renamed it to see if it was still sending / Tried resetting ST Hub. Running out of things to try.

I notice in Installed Smart Apps / Solutions / Smoke , both pushNotification=true and toggle1=true

Question is “Where and how do I reset this event notification???”

example notification
[Reminder: smoke detected by the First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (ZCOMBO) 409 hours ago]

Tap the red banner on your SHM dashboard then the alert

No red banner in dashboard (on Android app or in ). So next best thing… I deleted the SmartApp and re-added it, waiting to see if I will get next hourly notification.

Thanks for the response, when it happens again I will troubleshoot further.

This happen to me today. 1st time and had them for 8 months.
To stop the repeating notifications after an alarm or false alarm open your ST app, got to dashboard, then open the smart home monitor. Choose the smoke and you will see that it is showing red as being triggered. From there you can reset to make it green (ok).