First Alert Smoke and CO Detector Issue

I am a recent convert from IRIS by Lowes to SmartThings (just got done migrating a few weeks ago). I have 9 First Alert Smoke and CO2 Z-Wave (I think the model # is “ZCOMBO”, the lowes item # is 505521). I have them connected just fine to SmartThings and working with SHM. The problem I am having is now on two occasions once while I was at work and the 2nd time at 1:30 in the morning I got a text and notification that “First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (ZCOMBO) devicename is tested”. This was from two different detectors.

I checked the device in the classic app and I see the event and it says “Alarmstate is Tested”.

Any idea what is causing this? Can I stop push / text notifications of test events? I am worried I am going to keep getting these testing alerts in the middle of the night.

  1. A “tested” event should only occur when you physically press the TEST button on the detector. If you are getting extra events, then you are likely encountering a defect with the detector or SmartThings.

  2. You can’t stop the notifications. But … see Item 1.

  3. You shouldn’t have to worry. Test only should occur when you press the test button. Don’t press the test button in the middle of the night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Hi tgauchat. Unless I am sleepwalking (which maybe I could do something with SmartThings to monitor) I am sure I have not been pressing the test buttons. This has occurred with 2 of my 9 smoke detectors so far but it has only been a few weeks. Like I mentioned I am still learning but could the issue be with the built in SmartThings Device Handler? I have not installed any custom device handlers yet but I have seen a hand full of First Alert Device Handlers mentioned here on the Forums when I was searching for this issue.

There certainly could be a bug in the DTH. But I’ve never read of this problem before.

You have to report to to find out if this is a known issue.

I have the same devices. No problem on my end.

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I had 2-3 false-test notifications also, years ago. I have 2 Zcombo, they had been installed and tested once for 0.5 to 1.5 years when I received the notifications. I think one was in the middle of the night too - I don’t give smartthings a siren so it was no big deal.

To be more exact, SMARTTHINGS issued the notifications to me, so the source COULD be 100% latent/duplicate cloud events, left-over from the hardware installation testing.

In the following 2+ years I think there have been NO false notifications. I test rarely , maybe 1/yr.

So I would install cameras, highly recommend Wyze which can also monitor sounds, and do not worry about false alarms, to verify when you get notified. IMO most alarms are false alarms.

It doesn’t hurt to have another dumb CO sensor of a different manufacturer or sensor-type, so you can check do a comparison test.

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If you are having difficulties connecting ZCOMBO here is the solution.
ZCOMBO must be reset to factory setting. This you can do by keep pressing the button until you hear a long beep, after you slide in the batteries. It takes about 15 seconds. Then you can release the button. After that you pull the battery slide out. Now you can go into pairing mode on the hub, and do the usual procedure.
Every thing will work fine ! CHEERS !

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