First Alert ZCombo: How to stop beeper / siren / alarm from SmartThings? (Hint: You can't!)

My apologies if this is answered in another post, I did search!

So today my First Alert ZCombo was set off by smoke from debris in the bottom of the oven. I went to clear the alarm in the SmartThings app, but couldn’t figure out how. I went to the detector that was blarring, but could not see anything to hit to cancel the noise. I’m sure (or was) that I read where I could stop the alarm via my app. Actually I sold my wife on the device because of this. What am I missing?

##The Z-Combo is a READ-ONLY device.

You cannot send it commands from SmartThings.

To stop the alarm, you must press and hold the button on the smoke detector physical device itself.

yup. Will have to get a Nest Protect or Halo to stop from an app. Better pick up some flowers for the wife on the way home :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m not sure where I got the impression that I could clear the message from the Smart App. I appreciate the info!

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This a big confusion in terminology:

  • You absolutely can “Clear the smoke/CO Notification” from/in Smart Home Monitor that was triggered by the Z-Combo.

  • You can “Reset or silence any SmartThings connected lights or Z-Wave Sirens/Alarms” that were defined to be triggered by Smart Home Monitor.

  • You cannot “Silence the Z-Combo’s beeper / siren.”.

I’m changing the Topic Title appropriately…

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I have 11 of these First Alert Z-Combo detectors. They are all set up in SHM. I have all types of alerts active for smoke alerts—including activating 2 of my alarm sirens. I was not sure if a smoke alert would activate beeping on all the detectors, until today when steam from a bathroom activated one of them. Not only did the other detectors not activate (which makes sense based on this thread), but the alarm sirens didn’t either! The alarm sirens are working fine.
What is going on with this system?


Wish I could say!

Be sure to isolate your Alarms for any issues… i.e., test them using a Routine for example, that way you know if it the Alarm / Z-Wave, or SHM as the problem.

If you suspect SHM, be sure to add some other actions like “Alert with Lights”. If some actions happen, but others don’t, then you have a nice clean repeatable case for

And then switch to a webCoRE Piston based alarm instead of SHM, if SHM ain’t right!