First alert smoke detectors movement to edge driver

It appears the first alert smoke and carbon detectors have not been migrated over to an edge driver yet by smart things. Is anyone seen anything different? I’m hoping to avoid having to manually transfer these over to an edge driver.

Stock SmartThings Drivers are available

Do these stock drivers automagically install or display in the hub’s list of drivers? I am using the driver by Mariano. Will the ST driver require me to find it and install? Thanks.

Mine are running on the stock Z-Wave Smoke Alarm driver and are functional - happened in the background a few weeks ago

an edge driver would be nice. the stock one is still hit or miss

What do you mean by hit or miss? What issues are you seeing? I haven’t noticed anything strange on mine, but then again I only checked that it was on an edge driver and that it hasnt set off the SHM.

reading comprehension is a thing. what youre talking about has nothing to do with what I said.

I’ve read up to where you “liked” and it would now appear you are saying that your smoke detector is still running on a DTH.

So now I infer you are saying that the migration to edge drivers is hit or miss.

If you want it to be on an edge driver sooner than the automatic (and very random) SmartThings migration, you could exclude and re-add your device and it should assign it to an edge driver (note that if you do this there is NO way to roll back to DTH). Otherwise just be patient and eventually it will get converted.

Apologies for my reading comprehension.

Writing ability to clearly state problem and purpose would be nice too.