Lots of devices have not been moved ot Edge drivers

With about a week to go, I have about 20 devices that have not been move to an Edge driver: (i) First Alert smoke/CO2 detectors, (ii) IRIS and ST motion sensors, (iii) ST Door & Window Multipurpose Sensor and (iv) Everspring/Utilitech SE812-US Z-Wave Indoor Siren.

My other 80 devices have been moved by ST or I have manually moved them. This has been awful!

Should I be manually moving the remaining 20 or wait it out?


you might as well wait it out now and enjoy your Holidays! :slight_smile:

they already posted the date has shifted to early 2023

Q1 of 2023

· Complete 1st Party DTH migrations

· Shutdown Graph IDE


thanks and merry Christmas to you. I sincerely appreciate your counsel and advice,.

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I have been wondering the same. Several of my devices were updated automatically, and I have been moving many manually (as I try to recreate all my webCore pistons), but still many devices that are only used in simple routines have not migrated. I’ve been resisting recreating the routines, if I dont have to…

What is replacing IDE?

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