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The manufacturer is Haozee. (The other brand name is just the retailer.)

Personally, I would highly recommend against using these in either the UK or the US model in the US.

They have no safety certifications for either market and I don’t believe they can legally be imported into the EU at this time. The ones on the UK-compatible frequency don’t make the same sound as would be expected in a smoke sensor, probably because that’s the same frequency that China uses and I believe these are intended for the China market.

They are not sold at because of not meeting the legal requirements for a smoke sensor there.

Just as one example, in the UK smoke sensors are supposed to start out at a low volume and then gradually increase, because this has been shown to be more effective in waking children. This particular device does not do that.

The device is available in models on several different frequencies, including EU zwave, US zwave, and zigbee, but they all have the same issue of not having the legally required sound pattern for a smoke sensor. (I assume they do meet the requirements of the China market, but I haven’t verified that.)

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The Heiman version uses the identical case, but has been manufactured to meet UK requirements and you can buy it from most reputable UK z wave vendors. It will cost somewhat more, but you are getting more for that. If you like the looks of the Haozee, again, the Heiman uses the identical case. :sunglasses:

( The identical case situation is quite common with goods made in China at the same factory. The owner of the factory will offer a discount to clients who use the same parts. So you will often see sensors and light switches that look physically identical on the outside, but have a number of different features and come from different brands.)

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HI JDRoberts,

Thank you for sharing this with me. i’m not actually in UK however i’m using ST EU version hence looking for this. I live in a country whereby there is no requirement for smoke alarm so any will do.

I also now understand that most here may be from UK or US hence probably have not used this product as you mentioned; it doesn’t meet the country’s requirements for a smoke detector.

Thanks again…

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There are some community members using the UK zwave version of the Heiman smoke sensor:

Thanks again… it seems some members have some issues with it… so probably be abit risky or…i could just go with Xiaomi which is dirt cheap… but then again… i’m trying to stay away from Zigbee for now…as all my devices so far has been zwave…

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