Firmware update last night or early morning today?

Did we get some kind of firmware update last night/early morning? I saw that my hub was disconnected and had blue status light when I woke up this morning and see the following:

firmware update ember version: 01.05.0004 in the hub events (IDE).

I had to remove the power and the Ethernet cable to get it back to solid green and working. Unfortunately I don’t remember what my last firmware was.

Well there must be a managed roll-out as I’m still sitting on 000.011.00603 for hardware hub v1, US customer.

Never mind. I must be confused for some reason. I am on 000.011.00705 as per IDE. I just saw that weird entry in the hub events.

I am also on 000.011.00705. Pretty sure this one has been slowly rolling out for a few weeks now. I believe this is the firmware that helped connectivity with Hue bulbs. Don’t quote me on that though.

ember firmware version as far as I had read earlier (in some thread) is something and somehow related to power metering. I may be way off topic.

Ember version is Zigbee as a whole. They are probably readying the hubs for their new devices.

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Thanks @tslagle13 for the info. Where have you been? It has been one long extended vacation for you during the holidays! :wink:

I took a little sebtical so to speak. I focused on growing my relationships, faith, and my relationship with God over the holidays. Just me, my family, and the bible. :smile:

Missed the community though!

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Maybe the firmware will enable the mentioned Samsung smart TV app to integrate soon…

@smart Interesting…I’m on 000.012.00074. I think I’ve been on that version for a while now.

I think @tseagle13 clarified what it means. I think we are all on same version. The only thing weird was my hub was down in the morning and the hub events on the ide showed that. Mind it it is Not the hub firmware.

anyone seen a Harmony firmware update to fix this issue with the control hub? :frowning:

Wish we could say yes! But alas! Life is not about hamony for them… We are the poor measly users and shall suffer the consequences!!! :wink:

We are just left holding a freaking remote in our hands while they hold the key!!! Life is so cruel! It kills me!

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