Firmware Update - 11/17/15 - Version 14.13

My routines are all screwed up. Nothing fired at all! Thanks!

As evidenced by the issues reported in this thread (and others), there should be a complete moratorium on “improvements” until the current customer issues are resolved. Even the most die-hard fan boys are not noticing improvement, but many people are noticing a degradation of service.


Sorry, not a fan boy here but wanted to add my experience. I can certainly notice significant improvements in the local processing (I can finally use it again, after 3 weeks and the lag - prior to update I had a horrific lag on my sensor triggered lights - it has decreased significantly after yesterday’s update. The gain may be from switching to local processing, but still…I see improvements).


Good to hear, Bobby - there is hope! :smile:

But I think my point is still valid, because your local processing improvement does nothing to fix my 2 week old daily issue with modes failing. I’m spending over two hours each day hiding the issues from my family, babysitting the system, applying short-term workarounds, and providing Support with logs, etc. I’m sure there are many other long-suffering customers lurking in the weeds with similar experiences.

Oh, I am not saying that are no other lingering issues lurking around. I have my own list for platform issues, but yesterday was a hub firmware update that improved stability. Unless there was a platform release at the same time, that we don’t know about, most likely the issues we are seeing were there before the firmware update. Maybe restarting hubs infiltrated new bugs to some folks like @bamarayne, which we all have experienced recently. My 2 cents…

I believe there is increased stability since yesterday update. I had locally running devices that were lagging, and I won’t mention the ones that weren’t. But now, everything is instant.

I always feel that a reboot is required after a hub update, it just makes sense.

I am now convinced that the vast majority of the problems that are being experienced are coming from the SHM, on the back end. The only time I have problems is when I’m using SHM for arm/disarm and when I’m using the app “smart home”. When I take out the security aspect of my system, it is very stable. Stable to the point that I have to hunt things to do to feed my addiction.

I posted another thread this morning on the security aspect. I’d really like to see how many failures have this in common.


checked my hub no update for me,are they just doing v2 hubs?

Just V2. Adding some local processing for some SHM functions.

Absolutely. In fact, the email from ST announcing the hub update stated, “The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes,during which time your Hub will temporarily go offline.” Doesn’t that imply that they expected it to reboot?

You would think so. But in my experience a reboot that comes after the final install of any software/firmware is a benefit.

And I mean a reboot that comes after the changes, one that has nothing to do with the changes.

To me it sounded like it would be offline during the update and not necessarily rebooting since a reboot doesn’t take nearly 10 minutes.
Just like a computer some updates require a reboot and some do not.

I made a workaround to receive notifications when SHM is armed / disarmed:

  1. The intended Routine fires (say, a Good Morning routine when I get up) and changes the system Mode to Home.
  2. A SmartApp (I used SmartRules to do this) monitors the system Mode, and when it is set to Home fires off another routine (Disarm Alarm).
  3. The Disarm Alarm routine sends out a push notification and disarms SHM.

This way, everything is driven by the Mode of the system, and the Disarm Alarm / Arm Alarm routines fire off when the Mode is changed. This is somewhat similar to the way that SmartAlarm functioned.

I have similar routines set up for Away (everyone leaves so automatically run the Away routine, which sets the Mode to Away, when the mode changes another routine is triggered to run the Arm Alarm Away routine) and Night.

Is this working? Are the routines firing partially? Completely? Not at all?

Just my 2 cents… I have always had my Routine fire both my mode and my SHM based on presents (Iphone) for Goodbye and I Am Back, and on time for good morning and good night. So far, no issues (thank goodness) with it working before and after the update.
The only issue I have had is the mode display is not changing. It is working… just not displaying on the home page correctly. This is still broken after the update. Hope that information helps…

My routines appear to be firing correctly, at least as far as I can tell.

I am using separate routines to change the SHM status so that the alarm can be armed / disarmed by changing the Mode directly - this is handy since I use the SmartTiles dashboard.

Well, what I’m seeing so far is that those with out the problems have shm being fired from independent routines, not from routines that also doing other things, like lights and doors.

Is anyone else seeing that?

I also have several lights (and an outlet) on my routines… no doors…

The common factor I’m seeing is arm/disarm. And then it sends to mostly be if that is triggered from within an app that is also doing other things, ie lighting and rule machine.

Is ST still doing the updates? Mine still shows 14.000008?

If it is v2, I would let support know.