Firerated Down Lights (UK)


I have LED fire-rated downlights. Is there a cheap and best one that works natively with smartthings. Even if it’s not cheap, please can someone suggest options. I live in the UK.


Great question, but I’m not aware of any specific models that are fire rated. :thinking:

Have you considered instead using a smart switch? Then you could use the existing dumb downlights without changing the fire rating. You should have some options for this depending on the total amperage of the lights on the circuit branch.

Thanks mate, that was quick. I did consider smart switch but the problem is I cannot dim them and change the lights colour if I want as they are just warm white. One thing I came across was enlite firerated E8 or E6 models but not sure if this will work with smartthings. Even if it does, I am guessing I need to change all my current LED firerated to enlite. I could also not find any conversion socket for this firerated lights (just like there is a socket to convert a pin type bulb into a screw type) to slot in a GU10.

You could find a smart switch that allowed you to dim them. :sunglasses:

Colour or colour temperature from the wall is trickier, although Gledopto does have an option using a milight wall controller that I think would work, Although I haven’t heard of anyone who’s actually tried it yet. You wouldn’t be using the wall switch with smartthings, it would be a parallel means of control. So you could only use it for those lights.

But anyway, you can certainly get on/off/dimming with a smart switch that works with smartthings.

As far as changing out dumb bulbs for GU10s or anything else, that might affect the fire rating. fire rating is all about airflow, and they may be pretty specific about which bulbs you can use and retain the rating.

If you’re just looking for RGB effects, one popular option is to leave the existing dumb downlights, add a smart switch for those, and then separately add smart LED strips to get your colour effects. And create a scene that just dims the downlights when you want the colour to be emphasized. So it all comes down to the details of what you’re trying to do.

The suggestion you have on the led lights is top notch mate. This is the way to go along with the smart switch I suppose


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Would also be interested to know if Enlite works with smartthings as it’s only around £ 10 and is relatively cheap compared to the other products.

Can you also recommend some smart switches for me please?

It’s going to depend on the total load that needs to be controlled. And whether you have a neutral wire at the switch box.

Check out the following thread, it might give you some ideas:

UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

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Super useful, many thanks.

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