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Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]



Fire 7 tablets are only $49. That is cheap enough to put one in every room. of the house

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #294

True… but

Though the Fire 7 is sufficient for low-usage rooms, bumping up to the Fire HD8 brings a tremendous increase in processing power, hands-free Alexa, and a noticeable increase in usable screen space and sharpness.

(Ron Talley) #295

Yeah, I have about 6 Fire 7s sitting in a box because I upgraded them to 8s and 10s.

7s have hands free when plugged up but the 8s and 10s are just better.


hmm. good to know., Thanks for the info

(Arn B) #297

Dimming screen in Fully

Just updated Fully after quite some time and noticed that “dim: 10” no longer works as a URL or dimmer in the latest version of Fully.

Here’s what I did to get dim working again
go to settings Screensaver (PLUS)
Screensaver Timer: set number of seconds
Screensaver Wallpaper Url: cleared this field
Screensaver Brightness: have mine set to 10

(Arn B) #298

Fully Browser Running in Priority Mode

I have two Fire HD8s, same software installed, same fully settings (AFAIK). However, on one device Fully Browser shows in a dropdown stating “Fully Kiosk Browser running in Priority Mode” and has the Fully F in the notification bar. Just so happens in that device Lannouncer frequently stops talking. The other device generally works well.

I want to stop priority mode, but cannot find the setting in Fully or Fire. Does anyone know how to turn off “Priority Mode”

(Nick Pompei) #299

Scripts worked wonderfully! Had to run it a 2nd time on the one tablet but all worked great. Thank you!

(Kevin) #300

I have a fire7 with action tiles, the resolution and performance seems really poor to me. I was thinking about getting a fire8 but on the specs they seem to be very similar (same processor, few more pixel per inch)

(Ron Talley) #301

I believe the 8 has 1.5 gigs of ram while the 7 only has 1. This, at least for me, improved the performance of AT running on the tablets. The display is also better so things looks more crisp.

The 8 has a better front camera than both the 7s and 10s…

The 10s have a faster 1.8GHz processor and has 2 gigs of ram so it performs better than the other 2. It also has a better display.

Finally both the 8s and 10s offer Show Mode and Hand Free Alexa. However, the 7 does have Hands Free Alexa if plugged in…

I do not recommend the 7s anymore but the 8s and 10s are good to go.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #302

Fire 8 and 10 definitely faster than 7 - though it helps to get rid of as much bloat as possible in the background.

(MacTechGenius) #303

Anyone using PoE to power the Fire 10? Got one of these from [Amazon](WS-POE-USB-Kit For iPad or Tablet With Female USB - Extend Power Via PoE Ethernet Cable up To 328 Feet With 5 Volts 10 Watts Output and Divided Data but my battery dies faster than it can be charged.

(Richard Bryant) #304

After setting up a new Fire HD generation 8 I’ve notice that my time in my browsers (Tablet time is good) Fully or Chrome is +5 hours, any ideas?


Fire HD

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #305

Chrome is not supported on Fire Tablets (side loading of Google Play and other Google Apps is a copyright violation!).

Not sure whether side-loading Chrome / Google stuff overwrites or interferes with Android Webview (the “chromium engine”) that Fully uses to render web pages. If so, then that’s a likely explanation for the time problem too.

Fully can be installed directly by APK from their website onto a “stock” Fire tablet. There’s even a special FireOS version. Chrome … not so much. Amazon and Google are rivals. :boxing_glove:



I recently just setup a SmartThings security system and now want to setup a tablet to monitor it all.

I’m looking at picking up 2 Fire 10HD with the Show Mode Docking Station and loading ActionTiles onto them.
That is the only thing they will be used for. One going to sit by the front door on the dock at all times and the other in the bedroom.

I’ve read a number of forums but want to make sure I have the most up to date info and I’m not missing anything.
Have a couple of questions if anyone knows the answers it would be a huge help.

  1. I read that the Fire 10HD will not charge on the Show Mode Dock if it is not at firmware So apparently I can’t downgrade the firmware on it or I’ll have charging problems.

  2. With the Fire 10HD being on firmware or newer (so it charges in the dock) can I still remove the bloatware on it?
    The instructions I found looked like I had to downgrade the firmware which will them make the charger useless.

  3. Ideally I’d like the tablet to shut off and then have motion from the camera turn it on WITHOUT going into a lock screen.
    I believe this is not possible, best I can do is dim to 0% with Fully Kiosk which there will still be a faint glow on the screen and then when I walk by it goes bright to see whats on the screen without having to touch it.
    Is this correct?

  4. I’d like to have my Ring Pro doorbell automatically display the video on it when someone rings the doorbell.
    ActionTiles directed me to a link to do this but it looks like you have to downgrade your Ring app for it to work.
    Is there a way to not have to downgrade the Ring app? Do I need to downgrade my Fire firmware for this?

  5. Is there anything that I won’t be able to do with ActionTiles, Fully, (or anything else I need for this setup) by updating my Fire 10HD to (or newer) firmware so the dock charging works?


(Matthew) #307

I had this same issue, shutting it off and turning it back on fixed the issue.

(Chris) #309

Not sure if anyone recently got the messed up update from to the “new” but I was able to use the following commands to remove the lockscreen ads

adb shell
pm clear
pm hide
adb reboot

(Ron Talley) #310

Might want to look at another tablet option.

I just went ahead and paid Amazon to remove the ads and I paid for premium Fully license. Also, there’s really no need for Show Mode for your intended purpose. I use DAKboard and its pretty freaking awesome!

Don’t get me wrong, the Fire Tablets are cheap and work but other vanilla androids tablets may work better for your needs…

(Matthew Dickinson) #311

Did the root method from XDA and ran this and it appears(?) that it worked. Now just need to get it setup and installed on the wall.


What firmware version are you on?

(Matthew Dickinson) #313

Came with out of the box.