Fire Tablet Setup Script for ActionTiles [BETA UPDATE 12-4-18]

Hi all. I have not seem this posted anywhere. Looks like they managed to root and unlock the bootloader on the newest HD 8 tablets. Custom Roms cod make these tablets really great.

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This is great, though Amazon is likely to patch it in a future hardware (or even software?) update.

I just have to bring myself to pry open one of my Fire HD8. But it’s my gym Netflix player too!

Anybody having bad screen burn in with the new 8th gen fire 8 tablet? My fire 7 was running action tiles for several months without any noticable screen burn but my new fire 8 after 5 days is fully burned in! (As in I can go to a white page and it looks like action tiles is running when it’s just suppose to be a white page…) they must have really lowered their screen quality or something with these new tablets…

I believe (from my reading) only fix can be done through hardware.

Anyone expeirencing the full kiosk browser app crash and relaunch?

Should you be encountering an issue with speech failures on your Fire (or any Android) device, and you are running the Fully Kiosk Browser, with ActionTiles or something similar, please take a look at the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller DTH, for TTS and more.

TTS on my system was constantly failing to speak, now it is 100% reliable, and as an added bonus there appears to be a message queue in Fully, no more chopped messages.

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I have zero experience with programming so a lot of this is greek to me. However, I have basic computer skills so I downloaded the Updated Beta Utility and can Run it on a Windows computer, however the script is not communicating with my Fire 7 that has been factory reset and is running It is not on wifi and I am in the Developer screen with ADB enabled. Your instructions, and basically all the comments and questions on the thread, clearly assume familiarity with computer scripts. Anything for us lay people?

Don’t mess with the tablet? OK - that’s snarky, but I couldn’t resist.

Seriously, any use of ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is inherently an advanced (i.e., non-“lay person”) activity. The tool has many ways to get “stuck” and if you’re not familiar with your PC’s command line, Task Manager, etc., etc., it is very hard to determine where it is stuck and how to get past it.

I’ve rooted nearly a dozen phones / tablets over the years using very detailed instructions and scripts from XDA, and every time I still run into problems and have to use my intuition (and a lot of Googling and patience…) to get through.

Dependent upon your needs and plans for the tablet, this could be easy

  1. Installing the ActionTiles App from the Amazon store
  2. Or run ActionTiles using the Silk browser

or a bit more challenging

  1. Installing the Google Play Store onto the Fire Tablet, then installing things from it, such as the Fully Kiosk Browser
    xdb fire play store at DuckDuckGo
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Hey all, haven’t tried this yet - but I have a question.

Will this still work with Alexa hands free? I’d like give alexa commands to my wall mounted tablet still if possible.

Thank you!

Yes it will work as expected.

No, not if you remove the stock apps. It will remove the Alexa App as well. You can do custom and just do not select the remove stock apps option.

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Thanks for the quick replies @rontalley @Ex70s - appreciate it! About to give it a go.


I see this effort started December 2017.
I’m trying to do the same but now it’s june 2019 and I have a fire 7 9th generation. Is there an updated version of the script that you could share?
Thank you!

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I have an Amazon Fire 7 (9th generation) and the instruction seem outdated and script doesn’t seem to work. Is there a newer version?

I have not had the time to create a new one, no.

I recently used another scriptless setup on a Fire HD 10 so you might give that a try?

Instructions referenced in this post.

Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

What is the status on this with HD8?
Fire OS

Any update on this?
I think i found a bug or two in the script and needs updating to support Gen 8 (IMHO).
What if your device managed ot update to