Fire Tablet Kiosk charging 24/7 okay?

Is it okay to haves Fire Tablet plugged in to charging 24/7?

Wondering how I would go about setting up an automatic shutoff for the usb charger outlet that I have mounted behind all my tablets in the wall? I’m not aware of any smart usb charger outlet that I could program to charge on and off.

technically you would not be charging 24/7. once the battery becomes fully charged, the hardware would disable charging to the battery.

so keep it plugged in


I understand that when it reaches 100 percent that it won’t explode the battery by continuing to charge.

I was more so concerned about not ever discharging the battery and the longevity of the unit.

I have my 10" fire HD (2017) plugged in and running for the past 2+ years without having any issue. I guess it depends on how long you expect the tablet will last, but I am pretty happy with mine for less than $100 when I got it.

10 years is my goal.

As far as it depending on how long I expect my tablets to last determining their longevity, what exactly is the guideline for ensuring a longer lifespan?

Kindle Fire HD8: Given the rate that technology is changing, I’m not sure that 10 years is a realistic goal, but I’ve had mine on a constant USB charge for two years. I can tell you however, that my browser (fully kiosk) is telling me that it is outdated, and the system that I use as screen saver has undergone updates that have caused me to make changes.

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I’ve had my iPhone for 6 years and it’s going strong. I’ve had my truck for 19 years, it’s going strong.

I have 4 of these tablets so I don’t plan on tossing them until they die.

In IT we plan 3 years for most devices… 10 years is more than 3x the realistic goal.


As @nathancu says, I budget my IOT devices for a 3 year payback, not so much because I think the device itself might’ve stopped working, but more because I know there will be newer technologies with additional features that I might want. if it lasts longer than three years, that’s great – – more money in the budget to play with. But as long as I get three years out of it, it works for me. :sunglasses:


I see this has turned into a debate on how long technology will last until something better comes along.

Back to my question - how to prolong operating lifespan of tablet.

Wishing u the best of luck

Thanks, you too! :slight_smile:

Leaving it plugged in all the time is fine as long as the tablet is doing something occasionally.

With modern lithium batteries, the single most important thing you can do is maintain the operating temperature between about 60 degrees F and about 80 degrees F.

If the tablet feels hot or the room feels cold, the battery will go bad much sooner.



Awesome, thanks for the info! :+1:

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I upgraded my kids tablets this x-mas, so I now have several FIre 7 tablets that my kids have used and abused for the past 4 years. The kids did everything in the above listed articles that you’re not supposed to for battery life, and now they don’t hold a charge very well. With the battery life damage done, using them as wall mounted control panels and leaving them plugged in 24/7 is the solution for me.


4 years and you just started using them as kiosks??! You should just throw them away since they are obsolete and get new ones for that! :roll_eyes: