Auto-wakeup for Fire HD Tablet

I have Action Tiles on a Fire HD10 tablet (2021 edition), mounted on a wall. Is there a way to have the tablet display Active Tiles automatically when someone approaches it? I’m hoping that there is a way of doing this somehow. I think it’s a big disadvantage if you have to turn the tablet on manually every time you want see the display (especially on a wall-mounted tablet) Just looking for what solutions may be out there…Tx

I have a very old Samsung tablet (Android v4) hanging on the wall that I’m using as a clock/weather display which is connected to a SmartPlug. When I turn off or on the SmartPlug when the tablet screen is off, the tablet screen wakes up.

Maybe the Fire tablet will do this same thing with power. If this works, you’ll still have to figure something out for ‘walk up to’ like maybe a motion sensor.

Fully Kiosk can wake on camera or audio motion/sound detection, amongst many other features. There’s a version of the APK for Fire Tablets.


Do you have in link? My Fire every time I turn it on He tells me that the fi kiosk version is not the one for the Fire, but I do not find a suitable version

It seems that auto-wakeup for Fire HD tablet is not as straight forward as I expected, is there an option to leave it on continuously? If so, how would that be set up? Tx

OK, now I have my Fire HD 10 tablet on continuously. I notice that the tablet dims instead of going to sleep after a while. Now that the tablet doesn’t go to sleep, is there a way to set it up so that the screen goes from dim to bright when there is motion?

Using Fully Kiosk, you can set it up where the screen comes to a certain brightness (you choose) when it detects motion. Also using Fully Kiosk, you can set the screen saver to Black. You can still see that it’s on but it will give the effect of being off and then on when you walk up to it.

Personally I use DAKboard as a screen saver. It’s pretty awesome as I have pictures scrolling with local information displayed (user preference). I have a picture folder that I share with family members and when they add a picture to that folder on their phone, it cycles through the picture slide show.

I have about 11 tablets mounted on the walls throughout the house and all of them run Action Tiles, Fully Kiosk and DAKboard. They all share the same DAKboard pictures. So darn cool!

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rontalley, thank you for your suggestions. I was trying to avoid installing Fully Kiosk because on the company website, it indicates that there are certain issues with Fully Kiosk on an Amazon Fire Tablet which might make it more difficult to set up, and I might have problems with it. To make it simpler, I adjusted the settings on the tablet so that so that it is on continuously, thinking that I could then set it up to to be normally on dim and turn bright when motion is detected - but I haven’t been able to do that. Any further comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

I use Fully on all of my Fire Tablets that are dedicated to HA. 10s are the best. 8s are ok and 7s sux at the task. Some I use the ActionTiles App that’s based off of Fully but for the most part, I am using the registered version of FK and it works just fine.