Finding the API endpoint for device-specific events

So I’ve been using the end point for status monitoring my devices for months now and it’s been fine and great.

Reading other people’s progress and uses for the motion sensor to detect power was kind of cool (for me I’d like to use a regular switch to turn my Hue lights on/off but have them remember state of the last scene so that when they get powered on they can just automatically select the last scene UNLESS there was a power failure in which case there would be more logic built in to keep the lights off depending on time, or if anyone was home, etc. I’d like to get “powerSource” as an available event in the API.

So my question is, is there such an endpoint that will show ALL of the devices events? I’m looking for something similar to the page: (and when you click the “from device” link beside the name of the device).

I’m looking for a way to get all the events from a device and I decide which ones I want to filter out because right now the hub endpoint is only showing “displayed” which I understand, but I’d love to be able to see everything.

This is probably a really simple answer and I just don’t know where to look to find it (hopefully!)


Looks like all I had to do was add “?all=true&max=50” to my URL and I’m getting all kinds of events now, thanks a lot :smiley:


Will you share that app when it is done? it sounds awesome!

Haha thanks, sadly the app itself isn’t a traditional ST app. I’m creating a dashboard of my own that basically connects to a bunch of APIs instead of trying to shoehorn everything into one umbrella. That way I can use basically any device that’s connected to the network/internet that has some sort of API without having to worry if it’s going to be z-wave, zigbee, etc.

Either way, if I ever get the thing done, I will share it since ST does control a lot of the stuff.