Query SmartThings API for Device Events

Hey everyone,
I’ve been looking through the API here: https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/docs/api-ref/st-api.html

Using postman and a personal token, I can query everything on the API just fine, however I don’t see a place that will return the devices events. Does anyone know a programmatic way to get this information? Do I need to write a SmartApp that gathers the info and exposes an endpoint? That’s annoying but I guess I’ll do it if I have to! :smiley:

We have not exposed an endpoint to get historical events, for now you need to use even subscriptions and have them sent to your callback url. You can do this with and endpoint app or OAuth.

Thank you for the quick response! Alright, I can go that route. Can you perhaps point me in the right direction to get info on how to do that?

Thanks again!

You can request access to the OAuth services on this page.

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