Access to events using external REST calls

I can go to and get access to my hub and “Events” with drill down details.

I can also go to => Person => and get information about Presense events.

If I wanted to access this information externally to a SmartThings smart app - if I wanted to use a REST call from my PC to gather that data, then dump it to a file or database and run statistics on it and such.

Is that possible? Can external REST calls access my hub information through the web?



Hey Carl, check out our Web Services docs:

Also, I wrote a simpler RESTful switch SmartApp here:

I used the tutorial in the previous link to write that SmartApp. You can get the status of a switch with a GET request, and update a switch with a PUT request, for example.

Hope these links are helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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