Finally device images!

When did they allow this!!! You can now select or take photos for our “things”!!! Only seems to be an option for some of my devices such as GE Bulbs and nests…this might be because I am using custom device types for these??? Maybe I never noticed this before?

Yea, lots of folks making custom devices are adding this feature in.
The ability to do this has been there, to my knowledge it’s not been implemented in the stock devices.

Thanks. I knew there was a custom device for the photos, but didn’t realize people started integrating them into their devices.

Can’t wait until this is added to standard device types. I’d love to have pictures of all of my light fixtures. Would make life easier for my wife.

What are you using for Nest? The one I installed a long time ago let’s me manually change the temp and show the current temp, but never seems to work on setting the temp when I leave or arrive as I have it set up to do.

Here you go:

Hmm, I’m pretty sure that’s the same one I am using but I will check. Does your thermostat change when you arrive and leave your house based on this device type?

Yes, sorry, I am actually using this one:

Thank you. Deleted the set up I had installed and reinstalled with the one above. My nest is now changing like it should based on if I’m home or not.