Finally a functional UI, Hue 2.0 launched

Hue 2.0 app is here and it looks good.


Is there an apk for it? 2.0 is not available for me yet.

I am not sure how long it will take to cross the Atlantic. The app is available in Europe. I couldn’t find an alternative way to install it, either.

I found it.

Try this.

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Do you need the new Hue bridge for this new app. My Hues work good but the old Hues app tells me that there’s a new software available everyday (I’ve upgraded 10 times) for the last 2 months.

No, I have the Hub V1 and the new App v2 works fine.

…this app seems as much of a CF as the last one…
am I suffering from ARP citizenship techHeizmers?

I think is a much needed step forward, for those who are using apps. And the widget work is awesome!

Depends on ocean currents.

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I think I have that too. I’ll get back to you after my mid-morning nap. If I remember.:sleeping:

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Editing/creating scenes is my big gripe, so anoying…


Yeah, but they are gone now. My second biggest issue was being unable to create rooms. Sure I could’ve created scenes and name them rooms, but then that was my biggest issue with the old app :slight_smile:

Update…I really like this app, they got this baby right! If ST can integrate the new rooms, it would be awesome…Also, if Hue can update their IFTTT channel to include rooms that would suffice too…

I can’t find it on the apple appstore. Anyone have a link to it?

Try this:

(sorry I couldn’t resist…It looks like it hasn’t crossed the Atlantic for iOS, just yet)

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:astonished:We have iOS in NA???

I love my 6P

I don’t use my Hues extensively but I found their original mobile app very reliable and sufficient for my needs. I use the strips with motion for my kitchen cabinets, which is done through Smartthings and then one bloom behind my fish tank which I control through Yonomi. I don’t use the v1 app much but when I have used it, it’s been snappy and the widgets worked great on iOS. I’d rather see a facelift for some other iOT apps I use (hint, hint!).

It is nice to have the rooms feature, that’s a plus. But some of the scenebuilding features seem worse than v one. So it probably depends on how you use it.

It’s both interesting and admirable that they left the original version available for those who prefer.

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For a control point of view it s a vast improvement. My only gripe is that I no longer seem to be able to create whole house scenes (they can only be created for a room).

Yeah, it does look like both rooms and scenes are configured to match the HomeKit database structure.

The new routines can be whole house, though. :sunglasses: