Philips Hue gen 1 App v1.12 and Firmware Update

Release notes
April 19, 2016
App release 1.12 (iOS & Android)
New icon (grey) and name (Philips Hue generation 1). This allows us to offer you the choice of two Philips Hue apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, as we prepare to launch the much-anticipated new Philips Hue app, this spring.
Bug fixing

Firmware Update
The firmware upgrade will roll out from Monday April 18, 2016:
The Netherlands - April 18 (activated)
Germany - April 19 (activated)
Austria, Switzerland - April 26 (activated)
USA - April 26 (activated)

Just a few thoughts- I hope this is not a move to isolate Hub v1 users from the new app and features.
Is anyone in the Philips v2 beta group and what are your experiences?
Has anyone heard the release date of the v2 app?

My experience with the Hue app has been nothing but crashes on the newer phones. 3rd party apps such as Hue Pro work great. I updated the hub firmware today and everything is still working with ST (so far).

I had the same experience, until I figured it out that there is a bug with previously created scenes that can become corrupt. I had to delete and recreate my scenes, to stop the crashes. Support was useless. Boy this sounds very familiar. Does anyone know why? LOOOL

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Hmmm… I have had Hue for years, and used the mobile app on at least a half dozen android and iOS devices. In all that time, the only problem I have experienced was early on when one of my lights fell off the bridge. Back then you had to reset the entire bridge to remove a stubborn light.

I will point out that the Android devices I have used are not those that are all crufted up with OEM nonsense that inevitably cause problems down the road; I’m talkin’ to you Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.

My feeling is that Philips is the poster child for IoT. I am excited to see what v2 brings, and if most of it means a new bridge, so be it (but would be surprised if that were the case). I have no interest in Home Kit compatibility at this time.

I will try that, thanks. It is very frustrating but have an old tablet it works fine on.

That worked :grinning: you’re a genius :wink: