Final answer on V1 migration please!

Can you then at least, even without an eta, 100% commit that a migration tool from V1 to V2 will be delivered at some point?

I would consider this a basic requirement before upgrading from hub v1 to hub v2. Isn’t the only alternative to manually uninstall/delete literally everything? Every smartapp, every device, every routine. Then manually re-add everything. Not worth the time and effort, IMHO.

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Following this thread closely. I bought a V2 hub 6 months ago…but it’s still sitting in the box on my desk, gathering dust. I have no plans to install it…too many other “priority” home projects. If I had a migration tool…absolutely.

Just eBay it… my guess is we’ll see a v3 hub before a migration tool is ready. At least I hope so as I now have way too much stuff to go through that again.

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see that either. And that would be kinda sad. ST doesn’t have the resources (or access to samsung’s resources) to develop both a stable, cloud-based platform and a hub migration tool at the same time?

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@slagle, can you respond to my question above…

“Can you then at least, even without an eta, 100% commit that a migration tool from V1 to V2 will be delivered at some point?”


Like I said, we are working on it. That’s the best info I have at the moment.

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Any news on this?

On a side note, if the answer to the previous is uncertain… Any way I could start making a backup of all the apps and automations I’ve got at home before my new v2 hub arrives this week?

It’s dead, see below:


That’s a mini blow…

So then… On to the second part… Any easy way to make a backup of the apps to re upload them when the new hub is in place?

Not that I am aware of. There are a number of threads regarding migration. You might start with this one to research the process.


Thanks Phil!

Out of curiosity, what’s pushing you to “upgrade” from v1 to v2? Local processing is virtually non-existent, bluetooth isn’t enabled, usb ports are non-functional and now even the batteries no longer work more than 2 months without leaking.

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Local processing is great!

I had a V1 and upgraded to V2.

Good question… the thing is I need to implement a new location with zwave/zigbee functionality… therefore I need a new hub… I feel confident with ST… I know how it works… what doesn’t work, and how to solve it…

So my logical step was to get a hub there…

As for your question about upgrading… I read somewhere that Samsung things like the new vaccuum robots, washing machines, tvs and such would only work (be recognised and be used by ST) fully with V2…

And since I feel we at home will need to change the washing machine soon… and the wife wants to be able to control it fully from out of the house… well… tell me there was an easier way… lol!

Bummer. I figured the whole “exclude” process for zwave devices would kill it, but it would have been nice to share the ongoing work with the user community. I would have been a beta user and provided feedback…at least it would have pushed me to use the new v2 hub I’ve had sitting on a shelf for over a year.

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So, this got me to thinking…since I’ve waited so long to migrate to V2…should I even bother or wait? As I see it…any migration from V2 to V3 will suffer the same problems, unless there is a way to “port” the V2 profile to a V3 profile (without the zwave/zigbee devices knowing a difference).

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My recommendation is to hold off on migration to Hub V2 unless:

  1. You find some features particularly compelling (which, indeed, might not be the case until Hub V3)

  2. or… Your Hub V1 fails, thus forcing you to have to do a migration anyway.

  3. or… You voluntarily decide that completely rebuilding your SmartThings environment from scratch is worthwhile sooner rather than later. One justification is that you’ll perhaps have a lot more Devices and SmartApps / rules that longer you wait; but with my luck, I get a Hub V2 failure just as I reach “peak complexity”.

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I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been on v1 since day 1 and have had no desire to go through a painful migration for very little benefit unless I absolutely have to.

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3 is the only thing motivating me…but it’s still an internal debate. Fortunately, I stopped adding devices/complexity 6 months ago…I’ve hit a comfortable setup. Any more complexity, and the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) will start to diminish…

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