Fibaro wall plug doesnt update power consumption

Hi have a fibaro wall plug connected to my dishwasher. And i want to use the power consumption to notify Me when its done.
But it doesnt update automatically? I have to press the refresh tile to update the values.

The device handler is z-wave metering Switch.

Any one got än idea how to solve it?

I temporarily solved it with a smartapp called pollster which updates the device every 10 minutes. But it does it all the time. Isn’t there a way to have smarthhings handle this more automatically?!!

@jolerius Did you sort this out? I have a device handler code if you want to test it

No, i didnt sorted it out… would be glad to try your handler :slight_smile:

Try this out. Download the file and copy the code. Install the handler and press configure in the app

Well, i tried it and have One Good and One bad news.

The Good One is that it did updates “automatically”.
The bad news is that it only updates the consumption (KWh) and i want the actually power (W), otherwise i cant use it. I could calculate the consumption it takes on One cycle. But that is way to unconsistent to work with.

Mine does update actual watts. But if the change is very small it won’t update, this can be changed in the configuration. I have set the levels lower for auto report and updated the code. Install the new code an remember to hit the configuration tile in the app and try again

Ok, maybe it does update but doesnt show it in the “recently” tab?

Yes, your are correct. I have uploaded a new version and it should now also show in the recently tab. Try with the new code and please report back :slight_smile:

I just figurer it completely floodef the recently tab. Maybe it doesnt have to post there as often? Or maybe it doesnt have to post there åt all. The Most important is that i actually updates the watt. But do we really need to se it in the recently tab?

At the end of the code there are settings you can change. I have updated the code to the default values. Please update, or change them so it works well for you

Hey! I’m trying to accomplish the exact same. But I can’t figure out which smartapp to use to calculate when “live” consumption stops. (Watts) How does your rules look like guys? Are you using Core maybe?

I use CoRE. Here is one to notify me when the dryer is ready, and to notify me again if it hasn’t been switched off 45 minutes after its done

Looks nice! But I cannot get the outlet registered as a “Power meter” device, only “energy meter”. Did you do anything special to get this option?

There was a fault in the published code, I have added power capability in the thread provided above. Can you please test and report in the other thread, then I can keep track of reported faults