Fibaro unwilling to create their own device handlers for Smartthings

Dear all,

I had been patiently waiting for Fibaro to start adding more of their devices to the platform such us RGBW and updateding their existing ones as they appear to be in the platform for a very long time without any real update. Finally i though i should stop waiting and took the plunge into sending them an email regarding their device handlers on Smartthings. Funnily enough this is the response i got:

Hi, i am contacting you regarding the Smartthings platform. I understand that a few months back, Fibaro and Smartthings made a collaboration by supporting each others devices on your platforms. The fibaro experience however on Smartthings has not changed. I am a long term user on your single/ double switch 2, rgbw and door sensor devices, and would like to expand those devices throughtout my house. However due to the fact that the device handlers (software) being used in Smartthings are very old, i am stuck using device handlers that are executing in the cloud and are very slow to respond… i would like to request as you create new device handlers through Samsung’s s Smartthings new open sdk in order to improve the performance of your devices on the Smartthings platform. This is an issue many people are dealing with and have been waiting for years to be resolved.
Please make this happen

Thank you for your message,
Device handlers are not provided by FIBARO. It was created by a software developer that we’ve cooperated with in the past. For now, we are just providing working device handlers on our site and unfortunately we cannot provide you new handlers. If you have knowledge in programming you can create such integration by yourself or if you don’t - you can find what you are looking for here: SmartThings users are very helpful and they are sharing their work on the forums like this one.

Apparently they don’t care about Smartthings or any other platform except for their own. The only thing i want is to get the Fibaro Double & Single switch 2 devices to run locally. Apparently this is not happening any time soon. I think i have had it with Smartthings and Fibaro… Time for a change!

Just noting Fibaro is known to not play nice. These devices are a giant headache to their many users in the Vera / Ezlo automation forum as well. They’re very big into selling their own controller it seems.

Their controller is so much more expensive than others! Fibaro is the Apple of Home Automation.

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Good morning,

i apologize for any inconvenience.

We are the company dealing with devices for smart home and we try to expand integration with other companies and platforms to give customers the greatest opportunity to use our products.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the SmartThings platform, we cannot provide new programs for operating our devices, because we are not the direct owners of the platform.

We are gladly encourage and support users to create new integrations for our devices. We are also provide help to users when they have some problems with integration or need advice.

As a technical support engineer, I can’t say whether we will provide new integration with the SmartThings platform for our devices in the future.


Don’t get my message wrong.

Know that if you need help, we’ll be happy to help you.

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How can we not? You actively refuse to help us and try to lock us into your ecosystem. Just work with smartthings and make it happen. This is all corporate mambo jumbo to my eyes. Could you make integrations? Of course! Could you open up your device firmwares? Of course! Why you don’t? In order to lure customers to your hub. You could make so much more money by playing well with others. Why don’t you?

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yeah…that response doesn’t make sense. The SmartThings developer documentation clearly outlines a process for outside companies to create and publish hub connected device integrations with SmartThings.

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Yeah this is just nonsense…

There are so many other companies out there that are willing to help and go the extra mile. I had a company emailing me back and forth at 10 pm about an issue and work around on some light switches. This is the customer service we want out of companies. While I don’t expect this from everybody, this gives the reason to continue to buy from that company. They take care of their people and customers!