Fibaro Official Integration - Different handlers? (March 2019)

Read here that Fibaro now has official SmartThings support and integration. Wondering if that means the handlers are different now. I’ve got the US Wall Plug and had been told by Fibaro SmartThings wasn’t supporting all atttibutes that Fibaro offered and was the cause of poor power/energy readings. Basically the USB doesn’t report power consumption until a half hour or more after you actually plug something in. Maybe this is now fixed? Not sure. What I’m wondering t most is if there’s a new, official handler. The one I’m using now which I found through The Smartest House says it’s from FibarGroup.

Integration through the STSC app…

I use the Fibaro rgbw controller, the new app maps the wrong colours to the controller so its not great news there

So what’s this mean for me? Do I have to remove and re-add my plugs? Wondering if the code for handler is any different and if so was hoping someone might be able to share the new code so I could just create handler and switch the devices to updated handler instead of removing and losing all my automations associated with those devices.

I thought ST had official integration with them for a while? Anyway, Gene, the only way to find out may be to change the handler assigned to your device to the default one.

Maybe they do. Salerno has that post today that’s got me a bit confused. Supposedly now there’s official integration. The Smartest House links to this page which is on Fibaro website so maybe this is the official handler. Just wondering because as I said Fibaro support told me SmartThings doesn’t use al parameters for the plug and trying to access the others.

these are the official handlers

Thank you I didn’t know there were any SmartThings ones. Sorry to make you do the legwork.

Using those SmartThings handlers also means the plug can now run locally too right?

Come to find out those are the same handlers I’m using.

The only SmartThings one that runs local is the dinner and it’s only with the hub firmware that is still in beta.

Just bought a fibaro switch 2 and noticed that it shows cloud and not local. Did not load any custom DTH so just using the default. Any ideas?

Some official handlers run in the cloud.

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Oh well that sucks. Guess I don’t really understand the point of an official handler then.

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It at least works without hacking