Fibaro unwilling to create their own device handlers for Smartthings

It’s very simple, don’t buy from them. Vote with your wallet.

Agreed I’m not, I would as I do need another controler but with no support there is no point

I understand the frustration, but I also understand their position. Their devices are certified to the Z wave standard. The fact that SmartThings has platform idiosyncrasies which require additional code adds a business cost which some companies are willing to pay and others are not.

I agree it’s best to vote with your wallet and just move onto a different brand with better compatibility.

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Really, you’ been to Cyprus? :grin: yassou back! Nince weather here as always. Starting to need to pray for rain to be honest. Where are you from?

Nice weather… so jealous, south coast UK, Andreas, rain rain rain, 10deg

Oh. I was actually a uni student in the UK. I used to live in Derby.

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Congrats surviving that :sweat_smile:

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Fully understand that JD, to me the cost of developing official integration is a small price to pay, gaining customer confidence and sales must surely out way any amount of development, after all, once built generally an integration remains current… unless the platform decides to move its goalposts … cough ST

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I guess we have to hope SmartThings themselves writes the DTH. They are working on some Fibaro models

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I feel sorry for one forum member who spent 200€ on some controlers because his previous fib controler worked in the old app, only to find his new controlers don’t work in the new app, I can get by with some jiggery pokery and @cobra fibaro smart app no longer available sadly on the hub

But spending that much and getting dumped on sucks

Just got off the phone to a very helpful guy from NICE the owners of Fibaro, he was unsure of exactly what is going on and why we get refusals from Fibaro for official integration

No doubt its due to some corporate reason but at least someone was kind enough to reply and listen

You never know …

At the end of the day it is all about sales, if it works it gets bought, if it don’t, it won’t…

Wow if do to some miracle we get official integrations that would be AMAZING. But i don’t think so…

Let’s also not forget Fibaro are Italian, lots of arm waving, horn tooting and smiling ata the pretty ladies :smiley:

Fibaro was born in and originally a Polish company, as SmartThings was born in and originally an American company, we all know what happens when these smaller companies get bought by unscrupulous larger overseas companies without the same ethos, we see a degradation of ideals, details, effort and performance.

Just had another very polite reply from Fibaro tech
Once again I’m sorry.

Unfortunately I’m not able to help you.

As technical support, I can help you solve the problems, but I will not create a better integration for you.

I will forward your email to the development department.

​Should you have any further questions, I’m at your disposal.

Pozdrawiam/Kind regards,
Sandra Rutkowska

Tech Support

Not arguing with that but so far I have been met with polite and civil conversations and an extremely prompt phone call which in my view is excellent service

The end product may well be a dead end but at least we tried every avenue available

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SmartThings was never a UK company. It began as a tiny American startup, and then was purchased by a giant Korean Conglomerate.