Fibaro - Universal Binary Sensor - Does it work with Smart Things

I see thank you. So this would avoid the situation I have created, where I have had to add two virtual simulated contact sensor devices, which are then tied to the Fibaro UBS device via a SmartApp? Instead, in your setup, the FUS just appears to have two buttons as tiles underneath it?

I dont think it bothers me too much having the extra items in my Devices List, however what does annoy me is the fact that I can change the status on the contacts from within SmartThings. In reality a contact sensor should have a ‘read-only’ status and should only be updateable by the actual contact sensor itself (just like there is no point saying your door is closed when it is actually open).

Have tried all sorts of things to make the contact sensor read only but have so far failed. Why should the two simulated contact sensors allow users to change their status?

I have got a few things all triggering off the contact sensors (such as push messages and light switch changes), but if I accidentally click the button while scrolling through the list it annoys people. Is there a way to turn this ‘feature’ off?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

p.s. Thank you all for your work on this, you’ve done such a great job with all the custom device handlers and stuff its awesome!

I am having the same problem as Dean - getting ST to recognise all 4 temp readings as separate devices.

Where I have got to is that I can extract the temps from all 4 probes and display these in different value tiles - I will share the code but it is a bit of a cheat. Rather than allowing the multi channel zwave event to pass the string to the sensor level event, I am running a create event at the multi channel level and manually calculating the temps from the parameters (which may be my downfall).

However having done this, I am unable to get the smart app to read any temp capability from the fus so no events are being triggered/handled by the fus.

My instinct from what I have read is that this may be an issue linked to the way in which ST has implemented the multi channel thing?

I am going to keep at this and will shout if I get anywhere, although as this is my first digging into ST coding, if anyone has any great ideas do please shout!

Great job though on the base code!

Finally got this working with 4 temp probes - will post the code at the weekend.

What a great little device the fus is!

Great stuff looking forward to trying again :grinning:

Work in progress still - note limitations at the top, but should get you started:

Yeah top work WBM this has got up and running again :grinning: I have 2 contact sensors and 2 temp probes on the one fibario universal I have un commented the contacts code in device handler and added back in the code into smart app for contacts and I’m up and running again yay.:+1:
I have two more fus’s sitting wait to do stuff which I should now be able to do, one for infared beam across drive and the other for two more temp probes and doorbell.

I would get you a beer but it sounds like you’ve got it covered :joy:

Let us know when you’ve got the fix for minus temps.


Great stuff! Really is an amazing little device!

I currently have a hardwired alarm system which I’m pretty happy with. Was hoping to get it “smarter” by just getting it somehow connected to smartthings via one of these UBS. I would like to be able to detect whether or not my system is in armed or not and to also be able to detect if the siren is fired. I’m pretty sure the company who services my system can provide me with a couple of connections to indicate these states. Is there anything specific I need to ask for?

@Stichx360 Im not sure if you are still using your Powermax but I have finally done my integration of Powermax with Smartthings. I can now set/unset the alarm via SmartThings, can see the alarm status and even see when the contact sensors/door sensors change state. Its certainly not perfect yet, but wondered if anybody else would be interested in it - if so I will tidy up the code for release. It is based around a WeMos D1 R2 (serves as a direct replacement for the Powerlink inside)

Nice one!

Yes please share.

I’ve been working on it myself with a raspberry pi but haven’t had a lot of time lately, plus it’s not done yet lol.

What you’ve done is exactly what I want to do.

Thanks for coming back.

Will move the chat to the Visonic thread to make it a bit more relevant, have responded to you there.

Well thats interesting… I have just had one of these die on me (I have 2, both in my alarm panel).

They failed ‘closed’ so that’s kinda thankful but slightly worrying since its responsible for relaying the PIR signal back to the alarm panel. It would not have picked up an intruder!

Currently in the middle of getting it RMA’ed

I am trying to do the same thing, but have the advantage (sort of) of installing the alarm system myself. You need to have volt free contacts i.e. normally open, that close on an event. I have installed a relay board in my alarm to do this. I have then wired in the UBS to the relay outputs. I have one contact change when the alarm is “set” and one change when “alarm” is fired. By using a meter i have checked that the relays change state on the alarm but for some reason the UBS stays with the same output i.e. open. What i can’t tell at the moment is if this is a problem with the DTH or a problem with the UBS having failed.

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Did you get anywhere with this in the end @DT39 as im after the same thing? I’m new to ST but plan to TRY and teach myself the code, but need to get a few devices working so I can work out what’s going on 1st !

I think I have managed to tweak the motion/ contact sensor DH made by @Fuzzyligic and create a dual contact + temperature DH.
I have only tested it with one sensor as that’s all I need, but it seems to work.
I’m planning on using them behind the switch plate as a toggle switch as well as temperatures sensor around the house. Also planning to use them as door/ window contacts.

Hi @cjcharles I edited the simulated contact sensor and managed to make it read only if you still need it?

Thanks, sorted that a while ago now and all is working well.

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Don’t work for me, all temperatures – . Can anyone confirm that it works with 4 DS18B20 + Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor ?


Hi, I have the code working but can change the simulated contact sensor manually, how did you make it read only and did this solve the problem?