Fibaro smoke sensor temp scale 0.1°C


I’m using the standard device hanler for my smoke sensor. This reports temperatures in intervals of 1°C.
I have seen that all temperatures it is now reporting are .1°C at the end. For example, 13.1°C, 24.1°C,…
Is there an option to change this interval of 1°C to 0.1°C?


Is it an 001 or 002, US or EU?
Either way your lucky it’s reporting temperature at all;


It is a 002 eu version.

You’re fortunate then. My 2 x 002 EU version hasn’t returned temp readings since I got them. ST support said they are working on a fix. Your post even made me check mine hadn’t started working, but no. Can you see regular temp updates in the logs?

I see regular updates in the logs. At first mine also did not work. Removed the battery and put it in the fridge for a small time to have a fast drop in temp.

Well that’s definitely more original than “turn it off and on again”. Although, I can see the logic, so I’m going to give it a try sometime and report back. Cheers.

Think the latest ST update has fixed this, noticed my smoke sensors are now reporting temperature regularly.