Fibaro Smart Implant

With all the talk of us being moved across to the new app. Can I check whether this will work if we migrate across ? Does adding the device from scratch all still work ?


My understanding is that the current version will not work after the migration. I’ll probably have to rewrite it with the new API.

Great work, I just purchased my first Smart Implant and looking forward to use your DH. Your work is one of the reason I bought the sensor.

I’ve only used the new app and hope things will work.

You are awesome!

+30s update interval is more than adequate for my application.

Thank you!
Can’t wait to test.

Do you think you will have some time to be able to make this work with the new app ?

I migrated to the new app today (iOS). Works.

How did you manage to select the switches ? In my new app i cant choose what swicthes i would like to use, but if i go into the old one and choose they appear in the new one also so it works in one way but its not good.

That’s exactly like what I was seeing. In the new app you cannot select switch types to add. But you can go into the old app, add switches etc. and then they appear in both old and new apps.
It looks like the first piece of actually adding switches is broken in the new app.

I’ll work on this to make it fully compatible with the new app before the classic app shuts down on October 14. I’ve also migrated to the new app and it seems to be working except for the buttons for adding child devices.

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Hoping someone can help me with a gate controller installation. It’s an Elite/LiftMaster Roboslide gate. it is wired into the same basic configuration as the gate’s remote control receiver.

At first I tried setting up Button 1. At the default setting it would immediately trigger the gate (once) upon wiring the unit. Subsequently pressing the button itself did nothing, the normal gate remote stopped working , and the “Radio Rec” light on the board stayed constantly lit. Switching setting 154. Output 1 - logic of operation to “contacts normally open / closed when active” turned off the light on the board and re-enabled my normal gate remote, but the smart Implant Button 1 still would not trigger the gate.

What I did get to work was to instead setup Switch 1 and then configure 156. Output 1 - auto off to 10, i.e., 1 second. This works fine to trigger the gate, though I’d still like to understand what I’m doing wrong with the Button 1.

So basically, the Switch 1 with an auto-turnoff after 1 second works, but for some reasons the button does not. Any advice appreciated!

After I get this sorted, the bigger challenge will be figuring out a way to determine the state of the gate (open/closed). I tried messing around with the gate’s limit switches, but I believe they are too intertwined with the control board to be of any use, and also too high a voltage (12v) to be used as inputs directly.

Has anyone noticed that the FGBS-222 does not seem to read the binary inputs when it powers up? I have the inputs set to NC alarm inputs wired to relays. When the implant cycles power it comes back with the same contact state that it was when it powered down. Once the contacts cycle, they read correctly. Would anyone know of a fix for this issue?

The other thing I noticed is that these devices seem to occasionally go off-line for no good reason. I have one with security and one without and the both of just at various times dropped off line. Nothing fancy about my set up, has anyone else noticed this as well? Any solutions? I’m monitoring my millivolt pool heater and would like to have something a little more stable.

Hi, I’d like to use this with a ds18b20 probe to measure my hot tub. Does anyone know the max distance the ds18b20 probe can be for length from the implant?

Hi, sorry to ask but any updates on this? I’m scared of changing things on my system in case I can’t get it back after they remove the classic app.
Thank you again!

Greatly appreciate your work on this @ovidiu.pruteanu, but i am struggeling to make the Implant work on my garage door (Liftmaster).
Its connected correctly and is plugged to the garage door machine that supplies 12-24v power for my Fibaro Implant. I have added it to ST successfully but i am not able to operate the door and there is no actionable buttons in my Smartthings app when i go in to the Implant.
Strangely enough the only way for me to actually make the door respond is when i go to Implant menu and change the Input 1 setting “Operating Mode” fro 2-wire to 3-wire connection. Then the garage door opens/closes…

Really appreaciate you assistance on this.
Thanks alot.

Just to make sure, are you doing this on the classic app?
The device handler hasn’t been updated to the new SmartThings app yet.

Yes thats where Ive added id, but all the elements in the Implant are grey (see the picture). Nothing happens to door when i hit any of the buttons.
The temp seems also to be wrong as its around 5 degrees outside here and the implant is located in the garage with about same temp.
It was mentioned that i need to add all the device handlers? Ive added the most recent one, but how do i add them all?

When you click the button it should create a child device for each one of the buttons you click and it should turn blue.
If it’s not working, its probably because you forgot to add all of the device handlers (it’s not enough to add only the main one)

Ok, indeed nothing happens when i click the buttons, its continues to be grey.
So how do i add all the device handlers? I have only added the latest one by copy paste the groovy file in the device handler. Then selected this as “type” under my device settings for Fibaro Implant.
In case of adding all can i do that?
Thanks alot your feedback!

You have to copy paste each one of them on the IDE just like you did for the last one.
Then when you click the grey buttons the devices will be created for you. You don’t have to manually choose the handler.

ah okey, so that means creating seprate device handlers for each of these 7 groovy files on the list (ie not copy paste them all in the one device handler right?). Then publish and do noting more.
Then add the Implant to my ST. When I click on of the buttons in the “Implant Thing” that is grey today, it will generate a device child that makes me able to operate the garage door (where the button will change colour)?

I hope this is the answer :slight_smile: