Amazon UK selling off Fibaro sensors

Thought some of you might like to know that Amazon UK are flogging off Fibaro window/door sensors (in white only for some reason) for £29 + buy 3 get 4th free + if like me you are a Prime member and choose no hurry delivery you also get a quid back for spending on Amazon books :slight_smile: they are also selling that eye sensor for £34 (they’ve only got 12 left apparently).

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Bought a couple of the motion sensors from Mein-cleveres-Haus via Amazon a few weeks ago.

They are V2.7 and very easy to set up.

Although they are listed as prime they took a few days to arrive.

Certainly a very good price.

And an even better price if included in the “buy 4 pay for 3”

Can you link to them please. I’m new to ST, are they the same as the ST multi sensors? If so they are £30, so would only be cheaper if I buy 4 of these? Any advantage/disadvantage to these over ST multi sensor? I wouldn’t mind some more sensors to cover my downstairs windows.


I just ordered one to try…

Its saying 4 left now

Love the Fibaro motion sensors - don’t think I’ve ever paid more the £35 for one from Amazon so it’s definitely worth keeping eyes out for deals like this. Have worked flawlessly for me.

I wish they were on sale in the US. I need one more motion sensor.

Fibaro Door/Window sensor: Zwave has open/close sensor, tamper circuit, and option to wire in a Dallas DS18B20 (buy these from electronics suppliers for 50p each, don’t buy a Fibaro branded one for £5) the temperature sensor (which could be located either inside the package, or via a wire, somewhere more remote/useful). Also, the door window contact sensor can be overriden by connecting to some other NC/NO circuit allowing the sensor to act as a binary sensor for some other device. e.g. you could perhaps connect this to a suitable alarm system output allowing smartthings to be told of an alarm condition on your traditional alarm system.

Samsung multi sensor Zigbee has open/close sensor, built in temperature sensor, and vibration/movement sensor. The vibration sensor is good for detecting, for example, a knock at the front door.

Motion sensor slightly cheaper today if anyone is after one still:

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does anyone know if the sensors are pet-safe?