Fibaro roller shutter 2 not work with SmartThinghs (Samsung connect) but work with SmartThings Classic?

i have successfully connect my fibaro roller shutter 2 FGS-222 with my v2 hub (with device handler script).
All work in SmartThings Classic but in SmartThinghs (Samsung connect) i see Fibaro in my device but
with no action. If i tap on fibaro i get “Can’t connect to Device. Check device and try again”.
If i remove device handler script and set fibaro to default “fibaro dimmer”, it work in Samsung connect but
i lost ability to calibrate etc…
There is a workarround to make fibaro roller compatible with samsung connect?

No custom code work with smartthings (Samsung connect) at this point.

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Ok thanks, not work for custom code compatibility or for samsung connect problem?
I need to setup my home, but if i make all setup in SmartThings classic i can port in samsung connect later?