Fibaro RGBW in new app advice

Is anyone using the Fibaro RGBW controller in the new app and if so are all the in built options available ? Such as Police, various colours, storm…

Mine has worked flawlessly in the old app for the last 3 or 4 years with all the extra options , i am pretty sure the DTH was from codesaur

Although my old smart apps still continue to function correctly, the new app shows the Fibaro as ‘off’

My guess is all the code from the old app is still handling the device and its automations

How, what, where do i go about adding the Fibaro into the new app so everything is exposed correctly and working as it should

From what i can find on the Fibaro forum and reading around, there appears to be no proper Fibaro RGBW controler in the new smartthings app, Codersaur who wrote the DTH for the classic app is no longer active so no chance of that getting ported over

I have led lights round my sofits externaly controled by a 441 Fib RGBW controler, worried now after the classic app and back end is killed off, will i no longer have control

I’m with you man. Same boat.

I don’t have any advice, but I’m researching the topic and will report back if I find any promising leads.

someone knows about new DH?