Fibaro Relay Switch 1x3kW FGS-211 Device Driver

Can anyone point me towards a driver suitable for a Fibaro Relay Switch 1x3kW FGS-211?

best person to ask: @Mariano_Colmenarejo

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Do you have a driver for an FGS-211?


Hi @Itsmeyouknow

I don’t know what fingerprints that device has, but surely it works as a generic switch with the stock Z-Wave Switch driver or with my Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
I’m struggling finding a driver which gives power and energy consumption which works, unless I’m doing something wrong.

Hi @Itsmeyouknow

Send my the device fungerprints

If you are using zwave switch and child Mc, create the device to configure the device and it will show you all the device data

or install zwave thing Mc on your hub and make a driver change

Clearly I am doing something wrong. I fairly new to all this. I install the drivers but but can’t see them to switch to them. Could I be on the old drivers rather than Edge?

In the App, enter the device details view and click on the 3-point menu on the top right.
If the driver option appears, then it is paired with an Edge driver.

If you enter that option, you will see what driver edge is using and you can change to another compatible driver by clicking on “Use another driver”

Only compatible drivers that are installed on your Hub will appear

It looks like I am using an old driver. How do I switch to the Edge driver?

Hi @Itsmeyouknow

  • The edge drivers have to be installed on the hub.
  • They are installed from shared channels to which you have to join.
  • once you enroll the hub in a channel you can install the drivers you need, it is not necessary to install all of them.
  • once installed in your hub you put the device in pairing mode
  • In the App you add a new device with the option to search nearby.
  • If your device is listed in any driver installed on your hub, it will pair and appear in the same room as your hub.

This is the link of the smartthings channel

This is the link to my shared channel.

You can find more channels links and edge drivers information if you search the community.

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