Fibaro not showing in app but responds to rules / routines

(Stephen Jenkins) #1


This is really puzzling me. I have the Fibaro door / window contact and for some reason it stopped appearing in the app but it still responded to rules (rule machine) and routines.

I.e. if door open activate light. Funny thing is not listed in the available devices within the routine where it was before.

Right so after some investigation this morning. It’s obviously paired to the ST Hub.

After checking my online IDE I can see the live logging for the device and again does not show in the ‘my devices’… however if you go to my location, and then list devices from that page it does show.

And this is the odd bit, its status is shown as removed when the other devices are Inactive / active status.

Any ideas how to change this status away from removed?

I’ve already tried the z-wave network repair