Pre-release of Fibaro Motion Sensor

(Todd Wackford) #1

Please assume that there will be changes to this device as it goes through ST release cycle. Read the comments in the code and the Fibaro instruction manual before installing.

Hope you enjoy!


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Fibaro Motion Sensor configuration
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(Mike Maxwell) #2

You da man!

(Todd Wackford) #3


Thought you might want this. There is stuff for the flood and window/door sensors in their own new threads.

(Morgan) #4

How well does the Fibaro motion sensor work? Anyone have reviews of that and the other Fibaro devices?

(Brian Smith) #5

@wackware, you are awesome!!! Mine is coming tomorrow - an early Christmas present (yep, pretty pathetic, I know). I’m really excited, though, at having a device with so many different sensors in it, which is a great reason to put one in every room.

(Beckwith) #6

I don’t see battery. Is that an issue or is it just because it hasn’t changed yet?

(Todd Wackford) #7

When it wakes up it will report (every 2 hours), or you triple click, or you can remove and replace battery.

(Mike Maxwell) #8

Battery report no workie…
Been running for 7 hours, using the default config (having reset it via the IDE), temp every hour and motion only…

(Todd Wackford) #9

Anyone else seeing this?

(Beckwith) #10

I pulled out the battery and put it back in and now it displays 100%.

(Mike Maxwell) #11

I will try that in about two hours and report back .

(Brian Smith) #12

In my haze of a day today, I thought that said “no wookie”. I was confused as I did not know there was a zwave wookie yet.

(Mike Maxwell) #13

Ha, zwave wookie…

Yup, rebooting the lil bugger fired up the battery and the vibrator…
I did get one low battery notification, with 100% battery, hopefully that’s a one off.
Illum seems to be the only thing remaining, no sign of that in the logs.

UPDATE: illum fired up, bizarre…

(John Mielko) #14

Thank you very much for your hard work

(Brian Smith) #15

@wackware - Thanks for the early release. I finally got one today. Really slick device. The form factor is awesome. Waiting for the 2 hour mark to see it other info in ST. Nothing yet even after a battery pull.

Do you know if you can control the LED at all? It seems a bit annoying to blink every time there is motion. I wouldn’t mind it, but the LED is pretty intense. A more subdued LED would be in order.

Also, any plans on adding the pet/sensitivity flag? Can it be accessed by ST or does it only work with the Fibaro hub?

(Brian Smith) #16

For those interested, I have this beside a 1st gen SmartThings Motion Sensor. Both are setting on top of the door in my foyer in the transom. They are both aimed the same direction. When I am at the top of the stairs, the ST can see me but the Fibaro can’t. I have to move down the stairs a bit for the Fibaro to see me. So, the ST Gen1 can see at a greater distance. (I don’t have a gen2 to see how they compare. I’m also going to look at the FIbaro and make sure it is at the exact same angle as the ST sensor is.

(Mike Maxwell) #17

Yea, there’s a bazillion parameters to adjust, blinking, colors, intensity being amount them.

(Todd Wackford) #18

If you read through the comments in the code, I have built in the ability to adjust parameters. I also plan on creating an app to gives that functionality an interface for the more casual user.

(Brian Smith) #19

Hmm…after an overnight, my sensor is still not reporting any temp or Lux, just motion. Anyone else have this issue? I pulled the battery once already last night.

@wackware - you are awesome, as always!!!

(Beckwith) #20

Battery and Lux haven’t budged from original values. Temp seems to report as often as my Aeon Multisensors.