Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 Help.. :|

I have gone through all the topics pertaining this device and smartthings but I am left with a question I cannot answer. I am trying to make it so this device can be configured to not detect animals. I am not able to locate how to adjust advanced settings like this using Smartthings and I do not have a Fibaro Home Center to do it. I do see that there is a custom device handler for Smarthings that would allow you to adjust these advanced settings but also I see on this page that this custom Device Handler is dated and no longer supported and it is suggested to use the native handler that will not allow device customization. Could someone maybe hint if I should return this device for something else or if there is a custom device handler that is still supported I should be using? Thank you

Version 3.2? Try this

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This just might work, yes I have 3.2 and will give this a shot. Thanks for the reply here.