Fibaro motion sensor and how to switch off the "eye" light

I know there is so many posts on here about this but I cant see a way to switch this light off. I successfully added it to ST ok, but whats the way to get into the settings and adjust parameters? Sorry, im very new to all this.

Set them where though. Within smartthings? That’s what I’m struggling with.

I don’t have one, but a quick search in the community in this thread should be of help to you

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Scroll to the top of the post that I linked to. it should have the code for the DTH.

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Thanks. Installed the code, published it, but dont see it within the ST app?
Im clearly doing something wrong.

The code is not a SmartApp, it’s a Device Type Handler. After you create and publish the device handler in IDE, then you edit the Device (Motion Sensor) in IDE to use that custom Device Handler. Then after you do that you can edit the Device in Things and configure it by clicking on the gear icon.

Thanks. So once i publish it, i see it within my device handlers, thats where im stuck. Where do i go from there?

Edit and select Type, scroll to the bottom of all types. Do you see something like Fibaro Motion Sensor (SC) at the bottom of your list? Select it and update your device in IDE.

I dont see that mate. I see gouldner : RRG Enhanced - Fibaro Motion Sensor in “my device handlers”

Are you talking about somewhere else?

Yes that’s the one. You created the device handler for the post I directed you too. I thought you were creating the one fubie directed you to. Select that one and update your device.

If that one works and allows you to do what you want with the led, you are good. If you don’t like that one, create the device handler from the post that fubie directed you to and then attach that handler to the device. Lots of people have created different custom handlers that you can use and publish for your use.

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Go to.
Find your device.
Click on said device.
Click on edit.
Click on the dropdown.
Now click on the DH you want to use.
Click on update.


I think he’s got it. I gave him the name of the handler for the other code that another posted.

I went into my devices and saw the fibaro sensor there. scrolled to the bottom, clicked edit, then update. Is this what you mean. Really sorry, I’ll get there eventually. :slight_smile:


  • Select Devices
  • Select your motion sensor
  • Select Type (you see the default handler it’s using now)
  • Then there is an entire list presented
  • Select the RRG from the list at the bottom
    *Click update

Goto things in mobile app. Select the motion sensor. Select the gear icon. All the options are there now with the new device handler.

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got it guys. thanks so much. I didnt know i had to scroll all the way down and find the new device (RRG enhanced )

So that is all you do when you want to install custom codes for certain devices?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Hang on. I dont see alot of options, only temperature offset and degrees.
Did i possibly install the wrong code?

Hint: all custom handlers that you create end up at the bottom of the list. Everything else above is listed alphabetically (out of the box / stock)

Yes hose are for device handlers tied to the device itself. Then you have code for SmartApps that sometimes also includes device handlers. Most developers include installation instructions for installing the SmartApp / device handlers and you have to follow the instructions to a T for successful results. You will want to read thru documentation for Github integration so when you find something that you want to add to ST, you can create from the github repository automatically and not have to cut and paste code all day long. You can do a search in the community to find out how that works for Github integration.

Glad you got it setup.

Now that you got the hang of it, go to the post that Fubie directed you to and scroll to the top. That one probably has the options you want.

I put this one in. Loads more options. Fibaro Motion Sensor (SC)
Looking for that pesky light to switch off now :slight_smile: