Make Simulated Garage Door Opener Virtual Switch Momentary?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a momentary push button gate which opens and closes itself after 2 minutes. I’m currently using the simulated garage door opener with a fibaro relay for it. The problem is, it always reads it as open - i’m sharing this with Homekit via Homebridge and thus it’s always got the gate as open there too.

Is there a way I can edit the device handler to be a momentary button instead, so that that it’ll reset to closed. I thought about having an app that resets it back to closed but that causes another press of the “button” and trigger of the relay which changes the gate behaviour.

No one got an answer or suggestion for this?

Go into the IDE and select the Device handler tab. Then select your fibaro relay and edit it, then select Zwave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch as the “type*” then Update and it will now be a momentary push button.