Fibaro issue with SmartThing Hub

Hi. I have only recently purchase a SmartThing hub, but having problems connecting Fibaro items to it. They connect fine, but can’t control. If I then connect to Google home which is connected to SmartThing it works fine.

Does anyone know why this has happening

SmartThings is in the middle of a major transition: new app, new backend platform, new partnership model.

Many DTHs (the bits of code that communicate between your smartthings account and individual devices) require updating in order to work with the new platform/app. However, the question is who is going to do the updating? :thinking:

In the past, device manufacturers could send a physical device to smartthings and the smartthings engineering staff would write the DTH for it. Or individual community members could write their own DTH and then share it with others.

Under the new partnership model, it is up to each device manufacturer to write their own integration code for their devices. Some device manufacturers are interested in doing that, and some are not.

(Smartthings customers may be a very small percentage of their total sales. If their device is already certified to one of the independent third-party protocols, like zwave or Zigbee, the device manufacturer may not have much interest in investing additional cost just to support the unique characteristics of the smartthings platform.)

Which brings us to Fibaro. So far, they have not expressed an interest in writing smartthings – specific code. But because their devices have so many advanced features, there are quite a few that worked with the old Classic app that do not work with the new V3 app. :disappointed_relieved:

You can try contacting Fibaro support and tell them that you would like to see their devices work with smartthings, but they will probably tell you that their devices are certified to the Zwave Protocol independent standard, and that’s as far as they’re going to go.

Or you can search the community and see if another customer has written custom code that will work with them.

What specific models are you trying to use?


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