Fibaro Fob Automation using Smart Lights?

Greetings! this is my first post. I’ve been lurking for some time now. I have had a Samsung Hub for about two years. I have installed Z-wave switches and dimmers in about 80% of my home and integrated the Konnected Alarm panel along with a few other modifications for my enjoyment. Most times I can find a solution or just hack my way into a workaround when I am faced with a problem. But this time I have reached a point where I need help. I have created a device handler for the Fibaro KeyFob using their official code posted on GitHub here: I was attempting to create an automation using the Smart Lights SmartApp and when you get to the point of configuring the KeyFob as a trigger button then next page is blank. If I am attempting to configure the automation in the Classic app on an iOS device then when clicking next on that blank page I get the error “Error saving named page. Please contact SmartApp Developer” If I use the new Smartthings app on an iOS device then clicking next will kick me back to the SmarApp main page for Smart Lighting with a new child app named “Lighting Automation” if I click on the new child I get a pop-up “Something went wrong please try to install the SmartApp again.” If I turn off the Smart Lighting SmartApp using the slider-button then when I go into the SmartApp the child app is now named “Turn on DeviceName when Fibaro KeyFob button null null” At this point if I go look in the IDE interface the SmartApp shows its state as incomplete. Working from the IDE page is the only way I can delete the incomplete Lighting Automation. I also have the Fibaro Button (“The Button”) I can configure it in the same way without incident. I figured it might be worth while to parse through the device handlers themselves to see what I might glean from the differences and then take on the project of making a modified handler, but first I thought I’d share this experience and see what suggestions were offered. For the time being I have configured a ButtonController SmartApp and can get some capability out of the Fob, but the controller is only good for 8 buttons and the fob has the ability to be programmed for 30. So to get full functionality I will need to address the buttons individually and the only way I know to do that is with the Smart Lighting child apps. If you made it this far, then thanks for taking the time to read about my problem. I look forward to learning from the suggestions of the community.

Talk to the people in the following thread, they are using that device. (The thread title is a clickable link) You may have to use that DTH and the classic app.

Next time you get stuck, try using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look on the DTH page for the list that applies to the device class just to see if there are any other DTHs and what other people are doing. :sunglasses:. In this case, it’s on the list for “remotes.”

Thanks JD. ClassicGod has a workaround for the problem I am having and mentions it in the thread you linked. I did perform quite a few searches and read many threads before posting, but I made the mistake of searching that thread for “blank page” and the errors I got with no success. It is referred to as a “white screen” problem so I missed it. Now that I took the time to read the thread in it entirety I see that Smartthing’s Smart Lighting SmartApp cannot deal with more than 19 buttons on a single device. I simply need to modify the device handler to only enumerate 19 buttons. Its still a bummer because I can’t use the KeyFob to its fullest capabilities of 30 buttons. It looks like ClassicGod suggested reporting this limitation of 19 in the parent SmartApp to Smartthings, but I cannot find any indication that actually happened. I hope this gets resolved at some point and I also hope this thread helps the next person get a quicker understanding of this problem when it happens to them.

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Hi, what was the workaround? Did you get the Smart Lights to work? Right now I am able to use the keyfob with the ButtonController, but that has basically allows me to use on an off toggle for the lights. I don’t need all the 10+ button to be used, but I want to control brightness with the + and - signs.


You need to modify two lines in the device handler where it calls out 30 buttons and modify it to only call out 19 buttons.


Hi, it did work. However, have you find a solution how to adjust light brightness? It seems no option for that.